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Stop Holding Your Dreams Hostage!

“If you’re not seeing in your life what God promised in your spirit – be grateful and keep going.” Joel Osteen.

25317575-what-is-your-dreamHello, wondrous women of integrity and spirit! I’m back from my family reunion where we enjoyed peaceful slumber in a gorgeous hotel, a Friday fish-fry and a sunset barbecue on Saturday, held on a massive deck in back of my brother’s(the farmer) beautiful property. We played memory games, shared coming of age stories , stimulating conversations about trending topics and just relaxed in the ambiance of our Southern family tradition. I think everyone traveled back to their respective homes with feelings of gratitude and happiness. And no I didn’t embrace the Confederate Flag!

I’m so glad to be back with all of you and I appreciate every single one of you for finding your way to Authentic Woman, to leave a comment, share your authentic voice or follow us in sisterhood. Authentic Woman is on our 7th year mission, where we share in sowing seeds of authentic truths, purpose and possibility. On a spiritual path to reawakening, we hold steadfast to our dreams, even in the midst of challenging times.

Oftentimes, when our deepest desires and dreams doesn’t appear as we envision them, we tend to give up and give in to defeat. Life is too short to deny yourself the pure joy of achieving your dreams. It really is okay to walk in your authentic truths, accept the pain of rejection that will come before success, and still continue to work your dreams. When you step out in faith and believe in yourself, you’re more apt to accomplish your dreams.

What’s your dream? Do you dream big? What color are your dreams? I encourage you to dream in technicolor and commit to opening the door that holds your dreams hostage. You owe it to yourself and to those of us in the world who might benefit from your creative inventions or intuitive insights.Stop holding your dreams hostage. They are longing for release! Never deny or give up on your dreams, no matter who tells you differently.

If I had listened to naysayers early on, on my personal path to reawakening, I might not be in this serene and peaceful space in my life, where I’m holding steadfast to who I am and whose I am, even in the midst of trials, troubles and tribulations. When I encounter roadblocks that threaten to hinder my dreams, I seek ways to resolve the challenges and carry on with intent and purpose. When you understand your divine purpose, you have the self awareness and wherewithal to challenge your challenges.

When you live in awareness, you know that it takes time and work for your dreams to manifest. It takes persistence and prayer, a sound mind and able body, belief in yourself, belief in your God and the power of spirit to guide your heart and your hand.. Believe in yourself. Pray to God for the spiritual guidance you need to keep going, even when you fail. If you stay focused, keep getting up and doing the work you’ve been called to do, you will see your dreams to fruition.

Had I listened to those negative voices inside my own head or heeded those outside naysayers who tried to prevent me from accomplishing my dreams, I probably wouldn’t be in this beautiful, blossoming space of authentic purpose that I’m in today.

Andre West wrote, “Don’t let the sun go down on your dreams, unless you choose to be a star!” Well, I’m no star, but I continue to live a gratifying life of blessings and humility.

Live you truths. Chase your dreams. Never give up… and always treat yourself special:)


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