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Live Your Life ‘Evergreen’

many-quotes-about-change-in-life.jpgHello Visionary Women! So, imagine my surprise when I get a friend request on my fb page from none other than Pastor T.D.Jakes. The following week, I receive a new Twitter follower Dr. Michael Beckwith! Now, what did I say or do to have these two world-renowned messengers of God and Faith, want to follow me?

Well, heck, that’s a loaded question that could possibly inflate the human ego, but I know it wasn’t me. You see, God put people in your life because he’s got a plan for your life.

If you want to supercharge your purpose journey with heaping of spiritual foods to feed your soul, here’s the link to Michael Beckwith’s website:

Life is clock full of wonderful surprises. When you live a life of expectancy, God will bless you with favor from all avenues. He is pleased and wants you to acknowledge that you are blessed and a blessing. If you are given a chance, take it…

When you choose to live an authentic life of truth, purpose and passion, your journey to complete and utter acceptance of who you are and whose you are; makes you able.

Keep the faith, be thankful and live your life-evergreen.

I apologize for not posting on Monday. There’s life changing news I will share with all of you in an upcoming post. Change is good.:)


4 thoughts on “Live Your Life ‘Evergreen’”

    1. It’s a rebirth of sorts cause you’re knowing that God’ light shines in the midst of your every setback, trial and tribulation. His love will carry you to the other side of misery and beyond:) You just keep doing the work and living your truths, Lynette. I’m really looking forward to seeing your book on the bestsellers list!

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