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Your Happiness Choice

thmoment in timeHappy Monday, Authentic woman!

I awoke from a peaceful sleep this morning, feeling grateful and happy. I am happy today because I’m alive. I’m happy because my arthritic knees aren’t swollen and they feel so much better than the pains of yesterday. I’m happy because my children are taking care of their adult business, while lovingly teaching and celebrating their own children. I’m happy that my days are not cloudy or foggy with regret from my yesterdays.

Everyday that I wake up and make the choice to be happy, is a good day. Happiness is a choice and if you’re feeling like your life is ‘woe is me” and you’re wishing for a better life? Pray on what your heart desires, pick yourself up and begin the work you need to do to make that better life.

I’m not just talking this stuff. Trust and believe, I’ve been there, many times in my life; right where some of you are now. The great thing about being blessed with life, is that we don’t have to live our lives miserable! You have the power to change your thoughts from feeling miserable to feeling well able to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Those things that are beyond your control? Don’t dwell on it. Pray on it and keep going for yourself and for your family’s sake. People are suffering in some form or another everyday. Do your part. Speak on it. Offer loving support in whatever area necessary to those in need and be a bridge of comfort and loving understanding.

We all experience troubles. But, trouble don’t last too long. Be strong. Stay focused and choose your happiness.

The news I wanted to share is that I’m relocating in August! After over 40 years living in Chicago, Illinois, I’m moving to a place more conducive to living my life better. I’ll post next week, but not in August, until I’m settled. You all can continue to reach me at my post office box or via my email address for mentoring and support as always.

My hope is that every woman stand in their truth and make their voices heard. You must not be afraid to share your stories and do your best to make a difference in the life of someone else. Your authentic voice matters! And of course,always treat yourselves better in the process of making a difference 🙂

th choose happy

My July column at ME! Magazine is here :


6 thoughts on “Your Happiness Choice”

  1. Congratulations on your move, Clara. Let’s get together soon so we can have the meal I promised. I’m so excited for you! God bless you!


  2. Thanks for your inspiration, support, enthusiasm, and honesty–particularly with reference to your arthritic knees (don’t we all have similar aches and pains?) I wish you well in your move to a new location and hope it isn’t too daunting an undertaking, but it will understandably be exhausting. So take it easy when you can and rest after your efforts. I’m rooting for you! Hope to hear from you soon with good news about your new home and your latest aspirations.


    1. Hi Erica! Thank for stopping by and for your kind wishes. I really appreciate when we get to chat a bit:) In 2006, I wrote a blog piece sharing how my son encouraged me to get back to writing when I was in a perpetual funk. One friend chastised me for sharing too much:) Luckily I didn’t stop sharing my stories and now, life is all about making those personal connections. I think transparency & authenticity has become the new “black” these days and I’m all for that. Those are among the top influencers that builds trust in your business and, in all manner of relationships.

      Talking about my diagnosis in relation to the arthritis, is nothing. To learn the saucier stuff though, folks have to pick up my memoir, once it’ finished:)

      All in all, my days are doable. Of course, the routine Dr. visits, prescribed meds and physical therapies help. I also have a bevy of good people around me who are supportive and made great online connections, like yourself, whose words of encouragement keeps me motivated and allows me to keep encouraging those women voices.
      I’ll be sure to share new about the move, once it’ completed. Blessing …


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