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Turn Your Negative Attitude Into Positive Gratitude

8096109-positive-attitude-or-optimism-concept--happy-smiley-face-on-yellow-sticky-note-surrounded-by-sad-unh“Don’t waste positive energy begrudging another person’s shine!” cf

Good Morning, wise women sharing authentic truths! Yep, that was a mouth full:) but trust and believe your journey to authenticity will not allow you to live your life ‘fake.’ Didn’t think I’d be able to post today (yesterday was insanely hectic) and yet, here I am. If you appreciate my quote, feel free to tweet it.

Spread Good Vibes & Good Feelings:

Doesn’t it feel good to know that you’ve made someone else happy? There’s nothing like seeing the joy you’ve helped make possible spread wide in smiles and laughter on the face of another person. Like the innocence displayed in a child’s hug, you can create those ripples of feel good moments with a daily ritual of positivity.

Some of my best feelings comes from knowing that a little bit of kindness on my part, helped to make somebody’s day. It feels good to feel good about doing something good.

“Let’s choose today to negate the negatives and inflate the positives”( CF)

Life as we’ve come to know it, is fleeting. If your world continues to thrive on feelings of ill will and wrongdoings, it’s time you did a humane analysis on the person you truly are.

I want you to take a minute to focus on the specialness in you. I don’t want you to waste anymore of your precious life source on negativity. Instead, turn your negative attitude into positive gratitude.
When someone else receives a blessing of favor, don’t harbor any jealousy or malice against that person. When you begrudge another their blessing, you diminish your own.  Instead, give congratulations from the heart and know that God’s favor is limitless! Your time to shine in your own light will come soon enough.
Don’t be a hater! Be a motivator and encourager.

I’m a vessel that receives and share good news because I am confident in whom I am and whose I am. “I ain’t embracing no green-eyed monster all up in my essence.”

(Ebonics has its place, y’all)

Keep being of service to others on the path to connecting to your authentic truths and don’t ever live a life of small mindedness and lack by begrudging other’ their blessings. Accept that we are spiritual beings living a human existence and that we are imperfect and flawed. Unfortunately the world is full of trolls, haters, instigators and opinionated folks.
Believe and trust that you serve from a place of knowing. Continue to follow your heart and keep a God’s mind.

“No weapon formed against you shall proper.”

I hope you stay vigilant on your journey. Keep spreading good vibes that rebounds into good feelings and work your purpose. When your season of opportunity comes, embrace God’s gift with grace and humility, and boldly shout how his favor in your life, led you to make your presence known in the world!

Be kind to yourself, work on your negative flaws and always treat yourself special.



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