Breaking Negative Chains Of Distraction

stock-vector-chains-broken-off-by-hands-199831451Happy Monday Warrior Women! I hope that you all are setting goals, accomplishing your dreams and living your life with purpose, meaning and understanding. I’ve just put my 22 month old great-granddaughter down for a nap and so I’m taking this time to say hello and share some thoughts with all of you. I think I’ve written often enough and heard it said enough, that when we have life, we have purpose. Those of you who haven’t found your soul purpose in this one life source you have been given; don’t worry. Your time to shine in your authentic truths will come.

What you must not allow yourself to do is be idle and spend precious time comparing your gifts to that of others. God doesn’t do shortages. We are all equally blessed. Don’t allow the negatives to seep into your soul and cause you to lose sight of your blessings. Live your life, walk in your truths and do the work you are passionate and compassionate about. Keep spreading the good news of others from your heart and don’t live a life of pretense.

My post for you today centers on three distractions that can hold us back and keep us feeling shackled, ashamed and unproductive:

Three Negative Chains of Distraction:

“There’s an army rising up. There’s an army rising up.”

11821856-woman-enters-a-dark-room-to-illustrate-concept-of-unknown-and-fear1. Fear is one chain that you must break away from in order to live a life of spirit and purpose. It is a big distraction that play mind games and have you thinking you’re not good enough. That you’re not experienced or educated enough. That you can’t become that mentor or coach whose intuitive gifts allows another person to recognize their greatest potential. You forget that life experiences make the best teacher. Don’t allow negatives to malign your greatness and diminish your woman power.

Fear is an enemy that sneaks up on every spiritual being living a human existence. If we are not strong in our faith, we will crumble under the barrage of doubts, anxiety and self-sabotage seeking to keep us from moving forward in the possibilities and opportunities that are being given to us. We must find the courage to meet this ghost on the battlefield of life and break the chain that keeps us from knowing that fear is powerless against a strong mind and a determined spirit. With faith as small as a mustard seed, we can claim victory over the negative energy of false evidence appearing real.

“Break every chain. Break every chain”


money-background-abstract-dollar-texture-498802912. Greed is something that many people can’t seem to get past in their lives, as in “The more we have, the more we want.” This is an ugly, oftentimes, all consuming and hideous thing that we must work to extinguish from our lives, because it hinders us from embracing the true meaning of prosperity. The gifts of abundance that we have through God’s grace will sustain us. For many of us, “it’s all about the Benjamins” and collecting stuff we don’t really need or want. Stop the madness of being wasteful and materialistic.

You can use your gifts to ensure your prosperity and maintain a sustainable life for yourself and for your family. The good Lord gives us enough to fulfill our needs. Your wants should never outweigh the grace of a limitless God.

rat-cheese-vector-illustration-488589533. Jealousy is the chain of the green-eyed monster that covets your neighbor’s perceived better life, good looks and high IQ. Sometimes we dislike a person for being well liked by others! It seems more of us spend our precious time trying to emulate or keep up with the Jones’s that we forget to blast our own awesome qualities.

If Oprah were to ask the question: What I know for sure? How would you respond?

My answer would be that I am one of a kind and I am loved because of who I am and whose I am. I know for sure that God loves me. I am love and light and I am happy knowing me. There’s no one else in the world like me. What a blessing to know that you are an original; that you are fearlessly and wonderfully made!

In order to break free from bondage in any negative area of your life and the thing that threatens your very salvation, you must know the who, what and why of your reason for being. You have to know yourself from the inside out. When you live a life of authentic purpose, you will be humbled by every experience because therein lies the foundation for your existence. When you keep moving forward with your plan to live a purpose filled life, you won’t feel the need to measure your value by how much stuff you accumulate, but by how your services to others can make a positive difference in their lives.



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