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Empowering Your Power Over Fear

9157428-face-your-fears-phrase-in-vintage-wood-letterpress-printing-blocks-isolated-on-whiteHappy Tuesday Victorious Women! This post comes from something that unfortunately cause many people anxiety and stress. Fear is one of those human maladies that’s going to remain a constant in your living life experiences. That ugly nuisance called fear keeps you in hiding. It stops you from following your dreams and achieving your goals. I write about fear often, in an effort to empower faith over fear and encourage women to step up and step out from under the umbrella of a negative falsehood that seeks to bind your greatness, silence your voice and stop your Passions from taking wings and fly.

It doesn’t matter if you have a fear of speaking, flying or driving; a fear of crowds, spiders or strangers, you can live a life where your faith and you doing the work will triumph over your fears. Here are 5 authentic ways to combat fear when it shows up in your life:

1. Maintain a positive mindset. For every ten positive thoughts, you have a hundred negatives running a muck in your brain. It’s important to set your mind on positives, which can include daily aspirations of inspiration and life teachings from spiritual guides and personal development gurus.
2. Acknowledge your fear, but know that what you envision as fear is heightened by your own imagination. Sometimes we build stuff up in our minds to such a degree, that we render ourselves helpless and sabotage our blessing, opportunities and possibilities.
3. You’re not the lone ranger in this. People all over the world suffer from fear and anxiety, but they have learned how to topple their fears and proceed with their calling. If you have go-to person/persons in your life to help you through your fear transition, by all means, call on them.
4. Fear is false. By keeping your thoughts on a positive outcome, you will talk yourself into confronting your fears. Just how you talked yourself into imagining a negative outcome; you can darn sure talk yourself into expecting a positive outcome.
5. If your fears and anxieties seem overwhelming, then it’s possible you might need to seek professional help. There’s no shame in the life game to seeking help. You can start by researching mental health professionals in your local area and by perusing the internet and yellow pages.
If you’re living with fear, you have to empower your power over fear and take back your life by being proactive and learning how to act instead of react when fear rears its ugly head. Take control over your fears through practice, knowledge, positive awareness and a change in mindset. Empower your God-given power and you can live a stress free and healthy lifestyle, regardless of these maladies that are bound to occur.


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