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Victim No More!

thadultGood Morning, Warrior Women!

There are so many warrior women out here fighting the good fight against abuse. Many of you are women who have been through the storms of abuse and you are survivors who have regained control of your  lives to walk free of the stigma oftentimes associated with abuse. o many more of you know someone who have been abused and you’re on a mission to bring awareness and encourage the authentic voice of  women who suffer in silence.

Authentic Women, you are champions and not victims!

At some point in our “woman” lives we have been victims. Abuse in any form can occur at any age and stage in lives of women, children and the elderly. I would be remiss if I didn’t concur that abuse happens in the lives of young males, who grow up to become men who oftentimes keep their abuse a secret, perhaps, thinking in error, that by acknowledging the abuse, he will be ridiculed or that it will somehow lessen his manhood.
Abuse is a traumatic experience that can leave a person with depressive feelings of low self-esteem, little self-worth, anger, anxiety, intimacy issues in their relationships and, even thoughts of suicide. I’m encouraged to connect with women who have taken control of their lives and refuse to be victim to abuse any longer! Social media is a wonderful platform for women of abuse to share their authentic truths and use their voice to inspire and motivate those who keep silent and perhaps, miss the opportunity to shed light on this crime that steals the vibrant life of its victims.

th blameI was in a recent conversation with a young mother who had concerns about keeping her child safe from abuse. We teach our children about “stranger danger” in our homes, but, we are reluctant to teach our young girls and boys about how to protect their bodies. Back in the day, kindergarten teachers were allowed to teach ex education to their students in simple to understand language, as in “good touch”, “bad touch.”

If parents, church and government don’t want children exposed to sex education in the schools, then the parent had better start educating their children in the home. Children have to be taught the dangers and told to “Run tell somebody” in the event they are put in an uncomfortable situation from an adult or older friend; cousin or family member.
I truly believe that authenticity and transparency is the new “Black” in the lives of women in regards to the decisions they make. It’s time for us to “run tell that”, whatever that truth may be, in order for positive change to occur.

thtoldIf you have a story to tell that can help another person make positive choices/changes in their lives, by all means use the platform of social media to share your story, without fear of reprimand. This is your life. Do what resonates in your heart. Write and publish your book, chapbook, poems, short stories and stand up for what you know ,as you’ve lived it, walked it and came out on the other side to become victorious over it.
I was crowned ‘victor’ of the fight
Then the rains came
They splashed upon my senses and clouded my mind
It became hard for me
To hold on
to that sacred lifeline…
I grabbed hold with my left hand
held fast with my right
prayed to the lord who loves me
Let me make it another night
I won’t let go,
I can’t let go!
Slowly my vision cleared
my mind became like new.
I awoke to the land of the living
as if darkness I never knew.
I shouted my pleasure to the world
The world of darkness and light
For I was back in the land
of the living,
Crowned “Victor” of the fight. CF

Forms of Abuse:
Child abuse sexual and domestic
Domestic Violence & Spousal abuse against women (men in rare instances)
Bullying children on school grounds and social media
Workplace Abuse (usually employer towards employee)
Racial profiling that often leads to victim’s death
Gender Bashing

Verbal and Emotional abuse

If you are recovering from and fighting back against abuse and the stigma of abuse (you should never feel embarrassed to seek professional help), please share your progress in the comment section. You are courageous and you got this!

Remember to always treat yourself special .






2 thoughts on “Victim No More!”

  1. Thanks for your motivating words. Many blind children – like I was – are bullied in and out of schools, sometimes with the blessings of the adults who are supposed to ensure an equal educational opportunity for them. I’m 65, and I’ve done many things in my life, but I don’t think people can truly recover from long-term bullying. You get on with it and try to retrofit yourself into community as best as you can. There’s no substitute for being accepted into your family, neighborhood, school or religious community as a child. A recent British study found that over 40% of visually impaired kids were experiencing bullying. I’d guess it’s higher in the States. I also wonder if the study took into account that many kids don’t report bullying.


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