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Answering The Call of Mother Nature’s Authentic Healing


Healing Powers of Mother Nature:
Flowing in conscious awareness
All of these feel good vibrations come to the center of your healing through the universal offerings of Mother Nature. When you are stressed to the core of your being and you feel off centered, it might be time to immerse yourself in positive spiritual re-awakening and answer to the call that is the calm essence  of nature. It doesn’t matter if you love to ski the snow-covered slopes in Aspen, climb Mount Everest, go hiking in the foothills of Montana or stroll the path along the forest preserve in your own back yard, when you invite nature into your chaotic space, you open yourself up to a space of calm, peace and humility. Not only will you feel alive and invigorated, you step out from a fog of depletion to clarity and focus, where your heart sings because you have a renewed appreciation for the gift of life.
I can’t speak for you, but when I’m alone in the serene calmness and ambiance of God’s creation, my physical body relaxes and my mind shifts away from the constant noise and busyness that seems to be the “new black” of a world’s people.

It seems that in living life experiences, we have become a mass of bodies, looking for that next big thing. It’s no longer “us against the world”, it’s more of us against one another; in our families, in our businesses and our personal associations. Unfortunately, in a world of competitive ‘bested-mess’, we can easily forget how to live a life of simple abundance and meaning. We have to be reminded that life doesn’t have to be complicated.
In most cases, people deem their life hard and alter their blessings by approaching life from a pessimistic stance. I get it, it’s not always easy to remain optimistic in view of life struggles, pains and tribulations, but trust and believe , you will fare better by refusing to perpetuate the negatives. You have to replace negative connotations in your brain with consistent, positive affirmations and, over time, you will see a change in your attitude and in your life.

There’s no need for discord in your life, when there can be peace. You just have to choose the life you desire to live. When you seek to enjoy life, instead of negating life, you will see a positive change in how you view the world and the people in it.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to rule the world~ just look at all of the negative stress placed upon the president and first lady, that perhaps trickle down to their young children. I Just want to live simply, eat hearty and healthy foods ( my comfort food sparingly), and am of authentic service to those women on their journey to “knowing” and “becoming.” I want women who are in their constant state of ‘busyness’ and need to DE-stress,to try nature as an authentic healing alternative.
When you are going through something that’s out of alignment with your true ‘self’, it’s normal to feel down and out for a brief time, but it’s not normal to stay in that place and that’s when you have to seek healing from the inside out. One of the most self affirming and rejuvenating practices that I crave for my journey back to healing of ‘self’ is to seek out the comforting arms of Mother Nature.

alp-mountains-covered-with-snow-725x518When your inner ‘self’ is centered, your physical ‘self’ aligns itself to your authentic truths. Being still with nature is a common practice for many on the life path to spiritual reawakening and mindfulness.
Spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra does this through meditation, where he quiets himself to focus on inner peace that calms the mind, alleviate stress and helps to focus and connect to the spirit of the universe where it all makes sense.
It doesn’t matter how far you’ve fallen or how far off centered you are on the path leading to happiness and joy in your life, making a connection to yourself in full awareness has a way of banishing the fog of despair and lead you back to focus and clarity.
When you sit in the presence of nature’s beauty, your conscious awareness align with your inner self and your heart’s center where the turmoil of worry and setbacks have taken a stress pill of negative fears and doubts, causing you to feel stuck and unproductive; helpless and depressed. You become a sponge to the negative energy welcoming you to the pity-party where pain and confusion is celebrating their new guest of honor.
When you are transitioning through the heavy burdens of life experiences, you have to fight the dark forces of negativity to reclaim your positive outlook on life. For me, the best medicine in my world can be found among green trees, chirping birds, sunsets, sunrises and the sounds of awakening to the aliveness of life.
When you are stressed, seek peace, tranquility and a sense of freedom by bathing in the river of sweet surrender that is Mother Nature.

Take a break to regroup and realign yourself to your heart’s center by going back to where the essence of calm and clarity awaits.

Are you feeling overworked, underpaid, taken for granted and just tired of being tired?

water-trees-9j3w_smallStep away from the chaos of life and steal away to submerge yourself in the authentic healing powers from which all things flow. You can get back to a place of victory in your personal and professional life because you have been spiritually awakened to who you are and whose you are.

Always treat yourself special. Count your blessing, stay in gratitude and breathe slowly.



2 thoughts on “Answering The Call of Mother Nature’s Authentic Healing”

  1. Spot on. Nature is here to sustain us. Whether living in the country, as I do now, or in the city, as I once did, I have always incorporated regular excursions into the natural world. Whether things are going well or not, we all need the centering that nature can provide.


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