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Are You Spiritual or Religious? Join the Conversation

Happy Monday, Warrior Women!

Thank God I know who I am, whose I am and why I am. This is a conversation that needs to be heard and not judged. I’m a spiritual being living a human existence and the lord is my shepherd~ I shall not want. I am a woman open to learning authentic truths from all, and therefore, I am the judge of none.

This video was lifted from Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Blessings and abundance.


2 thoughts on “Are You Spiritual or Religious? Join the Conversation”

  1. I absolutely agree! I loved this 2+ minute piece because it really brought something into perspective for me. Going into church provides the energy field, and the feeling of being in that moment with everyone else. I’ve always thought about this. I don’t belong to a church because in the past I’ve found a lot of them to be so commercial that the Word gets lost. But I have a profound relationship with God all on my own that I love and appreciate. I have conversation with him that fill my heart. I do consider myself more spiritual than anything, so I really did enjoy this piece. And in that little bit of time, Oprah asked the questions that I’d always sought. Thank you for sharing this, Marcie.


    1. Thanks for stopping by my blogs, following authentic woman and for commenting, Perri! I’m from the old school with the religious foundation of church.I do appreciate and can relate to that old time religion, however, I’ve grown and come to know God for myself. I’m knowing that The Almighty has love for all because God is love. I’m blessed to know that religion is the stepping stone to spirituality and that God works blessings, miracles and mercy far beyond the four walls of Church. I believe that church provides folk with a commonality to come together to praise and worship in his name. But, God is found in your own personal space of solitude and humility as well. if this is how folks choose to worship, who am I to judge? And the debate goes on:)

      Blessing to you. Thank for sharing Marcie!


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