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When You Are Troubled~

This morning I pray for healing of the mind, body and soul.


Happy Autumn to all of you!  So, I’m editing some of my short stories (prior rejections) working with my book coach, acting as caregiver for my great-granddaughter and coping with those annoying aches and pain from arthritis, but I’m here to tell y’all; I’m no ways tired! In fact, I woke up this morning feeling energized, willing and able to step into my divine purpose. I wanted to share a story about never giving up, even during your darkest days, when you’re faced with haters, crisis, crippling setbacks, doubts and feelings of discouragement. Don’t ever stop praying. Don’t ever stop moving.
I’ve learned from experience, no matter how down you get or how unfair life seem in the moments of your unrest~ you’re never alone. Be encouraged by this most high comfort and always summon the courage to stay positive. Yes, it seems impossible to stay upbeat when you’re in the midst of your troubles, but when you stay focused on your goals and stop with the limiting pity party for one, in due time you will look back and wonder…The thing I know for sure when I’m going through trouble is that miracles happen and nobody do you like Jesus!

When you don’t give in to the negative energy threatening to bring you down, remember who got the wheel. You don’t walk alone. No matter how broken down or beaten up you’re feeling; no matter that it seems like folks could give less than a donkey’s rear for what you’re working to create; Don’t give up!
Authentic Woman has been a presence on the  informational highway championing women voices for more than eight years. I serve from a place of abundance and my cup is always half full.

My passions took hold of me so many years before I had the courage to step up and out of my fear based comfort zone, to claim and share my soul purpose to the world. There were times when my ‘sowing seeds’ of women empowerment seemed to bear little fruit, but spirit said to ‘keep on going.’ My intuitive heart said “No, you’re not a coward.”
I’m currently working with a publisher on my new self-help book, targeting women who are champions and who might not know the value of their purpose calling. The very fact that I am here is a miracle in itself and I feel blessed to be a blessing. I want you to know my story, as you prepare for your journey to awareness. I share just how far I’ve come to seeing my dreams to fruition and how many time I’ve fallen but gotten back up.

You must have courage when people in your life that you thought had your back, might not be as supportive, once your soul purpose is at work in your life. The people who truly want you to succeed, will be there through the thick and thin of it.
I’m so grateful to have authentic people in my life at such a pivotal time in my life. People who help keep me focused and accountable for my actions. My purpose is to inspire hope and vision in the world that will ensure a positive change in the world of women. I want to encourage and inspire the authentic voice in women that can make life better for themselves and for others.

thpresThere are trolls out here in social media you don’t even know who will try to silence your voice by use of derogatory intimidation and hate filled rhetoric. Stay in faith and guard your mouth. These folks want you to share in their misery as they only serve to show their true character to the world. Don’t allow negative people to intimidate your messages and limit your God-given gifts. Women of passion and purpose, you can’t be no ways tired. Reclaim your courage. Take back your power and continue to reference the authentic champion that you are!
When you are troubled by something beyond your control, pray for healing. Love yourself from the inside out; treat others the way you want to be treated, be diligent in sharing your truths.

Always treat yourself special.


2 thoughts on “When You Are Troubled~”

  1. Clara, I agree that when you are troubled, you have to keep it moving. It’s okay to take a break for time to think and to determine the next course of action, but you can’t afford to stop.


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