Happy Holidays, women of essence! I have to remind all of you about something near and dear to my heart. Do you know what a blessing you are? You might not be aware of your greatness, perhaps due to the busyness of your everyday living, but women of courage, you are blessed to be a blessing and you have to think on that and start allowing your pearls to sparkle goodness and healing in the life of someone else.

The world consists of people who are in need of guidance and support. Someone out there is waiting to hear your truths! Recently, I had to remind myself of this very fact. After taking conference calls from my publisher and concentrating on completing my book, I felt like I’d emerged from a Topsy-turvy time warp.
Like Elvis, I was feeling all shook up! Overwhelmed by duty and vulnerable to negative periods of doubt and uncertainty, I felt a sense of unrest ebb into my peaceful sanctuary. I questioned whether I wanted to keep doing the work I’ve loved to do for so many years… Gasp. Yes, ladies, I’m talking about fulfilling my service to empower the voice in women. I was feeling like I wanted to ignore what I know to be my life calling! I had sent the final manuscript to Unleash Your Pearls off to the publisher (expected launch sometime in the New Year, 2016) and instantly became alarmed.

I revisited the original manuscript and saw things I wanted to word differently. I saw words I’ve written that might offend some people sensibilities (written from a place of passionate compassion), but I also saw among the ashes, the passion and purpose of truth positives sprang up from my living and learning from life experiences. My purpose in writing this book is to extend my mission to impact the lives of other women on their own path to reawakening. Because I’m basically a private person, I find that I was hesitant to offer this book that will expose my human vulnerabilities and even cause me to give up a dogged tendency to safeguard my privacy. I’m fearful of what comes next in my personal and professional life after publication of this book, that unfolded from my journey to “becoming”.

I’m constantly evolving and growing and manifesting meaningful and better ways of thriving and I’m truly excited, knowing that I’m sharing in this book, golden nuggets of woman wisdom to help you ascend to greater heights on your path to rediscovery. The introvert in me questions how I will respond if and when I am called upon to do seminars, speaking engagements and other public appearances. I wonder if the public will even be interested in reading the stories that led to my journey of advocating for the “underdog.”
I was feeling like I wanted to be done with all of it and return to a world of complete anonymity. But, shortly after giving up my life’s pearls to the publisher, I received an email from an astute career minded  and prolific woman writer and web designer with an emotional, traumatic story involving her girl child’s struggles with life and death issues, occurring since birth and who feels called to share her voice with others. She wonders where and how to begin.

It was an emotional email for me to read. I didn’t feel strong enough to offer support during my own space of doubt and yet, I felt humbled by this courageous family in all they had endured. I love children and can’t bear it when they suffer, for whatever reason and that fact was the catalyst that would lead me to respond. I knew I would offer this mother my insights in regards to finding the strength and courage she would need to answer her calling. In speaking with this woman, I realized that I could never lay my blessings down like a bear hibernating in winter.
Life is a struggle sometimes, and in the midst of our challenges, we need to hear the voice of love and healing offered through human connection. We need to do the work that we feel called to do and know that God doesn’t make mistakes. For a moment in time, I was feeling like I didn’t want this thing God gave me that kept pushing me outside of my comfort zone to help inspire, encourage and motivate the voice in others. I love writing. It brings me joy. And I’m beholden to writing with a purpose. I have to trust that the good lord knows my heart and will only allow me to use my gifts for good in the service of others while keeping me replenished in his grace and mercy during difficult times of overwhelming doubt.
When you’re feeling overwhelmed by your life’s work or personal and professional issues and feel like quitting, know that “this too shall pass” and God never gives you more than you can handle.

Always treat yourself special and keep sowing your pearls of inspiration and wisdom.