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From The Experts: Pauline Haynes

Happy Monday, women of Grace! I have to be honest with y’all because, not only is this the way to go and grow:) but also because I made a promise to myself and to all of you that I would only share messages that serve to uplift, motivate, inspire and empower your authentic voice. I vowed there would be no more “fluff” on my part serving as your purpose advocate.

I wanted the message for today to keep your spirits high and your journey to truth inflamed until we meet again after New Years. Just as I was contemplating on penning such a post, I received an email from my friend, colleague and Life Coach to the people, Ms Pauline Haynes, who sent me greetings, along with an awesome message for all of us to read, meditate on and pay it forward. I declare, this woman and her intuitive sixth-sense at work in sowing seeds of graciousness in service and food for thought! Please join me in welcoming my sista friend and Life Coach, Ms. Pauline Haynes to Authentic Woman!

 PaulineOrangeJacketSmallSaved by Grace, Love in Action
~Pauline Haynes
The Holiday season can be stress-filled because of
expectations. Obligations. Consumerism. Shoulds
and oughts.
Whether your celebrations and beliefs are secular or
religious, there is an impact.
In this time of over indulgence, over spending, there
is the addition of venom spewed by some politicians –
designed to polarize us. The gloom and sadness of
occurrences at home and abroad are real. They have
left us feeling numb. Afraid. Uncertain. Less trusting.
Perhaps it’s even ignited the hidden rage that’s been
buried deep inside of us. You. Me.
Perhaps you realize you are not the kind and loving
person you thought you were.
How have you noticed the change in you? Are you
more cautious? Do you see each person who dresses
a certain way, speaks a certain way, worships a
certain way as a potential enemy? A murderer? What
  • is the profile of a murderer? Do parents deliberately
    raise children to grow up to be killers, or is it part of
    the human condition?
    What will you do about these newly discovered
    traits? Will you stuff them further? Will you act on
    them? Will you speak about them? Will you cross the
    street to speak to that “other/”weird person?” Will
    you be more open? More closed? Will you purchase a
    weapon so you can defend yourself?
    These are all reasonable questions.
    When those thoughts bubble up, it can be an
    opportunity for self-examination.
    What makes you who you are?
    What are you tolerating?
    How do you operate?
    Are you being nice or are you being real?
    What is the difference for you?
    What do you do to avoid feelings?
    What do you do when you’re at your best?
    What are you grateful for?
    What do you fear?
    What do you control?
  • What are you willing to change?
    What do you do for self-care?
    How can you love and pamper myself today?
    How can you be more compassionate?
    As I write, and as you read, I encourage you to dig
    deep with your answers. Personalize and write the
    names of the people in your circle who have passed.
    No matter the circumstances.
    Calling them by name keeps their spirits alive. Honor
    their presence.
    We have been plagued by one tragedy after another,
    murders, mass killings. There will be other tragedies,
    of this we can be sure. There will be more outrage.
    More anger. More sadness. More pontifications. And
    there will also be, yes, more love. More babies being
    born. More successes being celebrated. More
    relationships being formed. More joy. More laughter.
    More forgiveness, and hopefully more peace.
    We need a huge sprinkling of love to bring light into
    our midst, and to lift our spirits. There are some
    things that only you and I are in control of. Our
    thoughts. Our feelings. Our actions.
  • The World has not ended – yet – so we have work to
    do. Hurts to mend. Wrongs to right. Forgiveness of
    ourselves and others. Bold Actions to take for Shift to
    I leave you to ponder the words of a Protestant
    Pastor, Martin Niemoller (1892-1984)
    “First they came for the Socialists,
    and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists,
    and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me–
    and there was no one left to speak for me.”
    You can substitute Black, White, Hispanic, Asian,
    Muslim, Socialist, Capitalist, Gay, or any group you
  • In the end, it all begins with YOU! My wish for you
    and yours is peace, love, wholeness, health,
    compassion, empathy, LIFE!
  • Pauline Haynes

    (916) 452-5278


    Wow, what a powerful send off for the holidays! Thank you Pauline. Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all!

    Always treat yourself special. I will see everyone in the new year 2016!




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