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Ten Outstanding Characteristics of The Reawakened Woman


Happy Monday, women of truth!  On Sunday, I woke up asking myself, what else could I do to help bring understanding and awareness to women who haven’t yet reawakened to their authentic truths? Well, my book, Unleash Your Pearls,  is all about championing the reawakened voice of women, but unfortunately, the book is at the publishers, awaiting a release date. I decided to share a bit from the book in today’s post, in hopes of reaching those women who are entering into the beginning of their authentic reawakening and for the woman who ‘feels’ like something strange is going on inside of her being, but fear finding out what that unknown”something” is.

Trust and believe, I’ve been there and done that. I’ve been in that space as wife and mother where family obligations took precedence. I’ve been that friend to others whose voices muffled mine and that sister to siblings who might think me weird or that silent employee who sees and hears no evil. I’ve been that,”I’m doing fine” woman who didn’t want to upset the apple-cart of a life lived as follower in a world where sameness, predictability, conservative mindsets and mediocrity ruled. You all might want to know that I’ve lived clueless, in a “fake” definition of who I thought I was. But, glo~ry! that inauthentic woman ain’t me anymore!:)

When you are reawakened to your ‘true’ self, the things you’ve always believed or tolerated will fall away and you begin to walk a different path, leading to a happier lifestyle where meaning and purpose, responsibility and accountability reign. Living an authentic, reawakened life begins as a blank canvas where broad strokes of your truth is painted in abstract pictures of boldness, brilliance, vibrancy, enlightenment and self awareness. In my book, Unleash Your Pearls, I offer women a strategic authentic woman guide to understanding their journey to becoming. The list below makes up some of those characterizations in the book. Feel free to take from the list what you need, in order to help guide your understanding on your personal path to reawakening and keep an eye out for Unleash Your Pearls!

10 Outstanding Characteristics Of The Reawakened Woman:

  1. You grow in awareness and understanding and you become a seeker of spiritual knowledge
  2. You are humbled, knowing that it’s not about you, but those you are called to serve
  3. You don’t live your life in jealousy, greed, envy or judgement of others
  4. You know that you are a spiritual being living a human existence and therefore, you are not immune to the sufferings, trials and tribulations that living life experience brings and you know that every problem has a solution, so you work to find that light at the end of the tunnel~ in other words, we fall but we can get back up!
  5. You encourage the greatness in others
  6. You step up to become the voice for the “underdog that I allude to in Unleash Your Pearls as the those silent voices of women, children and the elderly who cannot peak for themselves.
  7. You respect the wisdom of the elders because they’ve been there and lived that!
  8. You open yourself to the power of intuition and living a life of meaning
  9. You work your passion and purpose and know that you will live a sustainable lifestyle from your gifts
  10. You know God loves you and gives you permission to love yourself and have compassion and empathy for others.

Blessings to all of you and remember to always treat yourself special!


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