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Stress Relief Tips For The Stay At Home Mom

Happy Leap Year, women of Substance! The news report this morning informed viewers that women are allowed to propose to their significant others every 4 years on Leap Year because men are probably suffering from something called “Cold” feet? Hilarious right!?


So, this morning, I wake up to chase the two year old around as she turns her nose up at oatmeal for breakfast, asks for cookies and decides to pour her cup of orange juice on the couch. I’m hardly prepared for this battle I could very well lose because of the war going on with ole Uncle Arthur (arthritis) who came for a visit on Sunday and refuses to leave!  Between hearing “leave me lones”, that’s “leave me alone, gram-gram in laymen terms)  and the stiffness threatening a takeover, I retreat to a safe distance from the child to sneak in this post, appropriately titled Stress Relief Tips for The Stay at Home Mom or in my case, Caregiver.

If you’re having a moment and you can’t ignore stress away, you have to invent creative ways to lessen the pain of it all. In acting as caregiver for my great granddaughter today, I can totally relate to the struggle of the stressed out stay at home mom. Whoever thinks that stay at home moms are having an easy go of it, compared to moms working a gig outside the home, think again. Working moms and stay at home moms work their butts off, in both scenarios.The solution to combating stress for the stay at home mom can be foggy when there are two and four year olds involved. Outside of the need for constant supervision, here are a few of my tested and approved stress relief tips for the stay at home mom.6881299-crying-baby-girl-crying-small-child

  1. Get out of bed an hour or two earlier than they do. You can get a lot done in a short amount of time; load the dishwasher,wash a few loads of clothes, vacuum a bit, write that blog post, prep their breakfast, check your emails, have a hot coffee or tea. And, if you’re a Boomer, make sure you’ve taken your prescribed pain meds the night before. It won’t hurt to pop a one -a- day in the morning either.
  2. Prepare a fun time for scheduled  baths. The two year old loves her yellow ducky and I make darn sure she gets that bird and more colorful toys from the rubber duckies family. Brushing teeth can be troublesome when they’re two but count to ten and try to get them to open their mouths again and if that doesn’t work, turn over the dang toothbrush and sing in demonstration how it’s done. You might want to make a dental appointment just for backup. So far, no cavities on this end.
  3. Speaking of cavities? When they take your hand to guide you to the kitchen for cookie or chips? Turn their attention to yogurt & fruits, instead and then, hide the cookies.
  4. At two and four, they are usually way smarter than a 5th grader. Just ask them how you might serve them and by all means if they say, “Mickey Mouse” or name a Disney channel, make yourself comfortable and prepare to settle in for the long haul.
  5. When those little eyes get droopy and nap-time rolls around, help the process along with soft songs your mama sang to you and read their favorite animal book with the  quack-quack, oink- oink and moo-moo sounds. Gently massage their backs with loving hands and soon they’re asleep.After you pick up the mess in the living room, send a text of her/him sleeping soundly in your bed to their working mom, kick off your house-shoes and get in there. Trust and believe, those extra Zzz’s can work wonders.

If you’re a heavy sleeper, don’t attempt that last call to action to relieve stress. I am a light sleeper, with eyes positioned in the back of my head, so for me it’s all good:)

Finally, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a stay at home mom, stand in mom, working outside the home mom, or grandma caregiver, the most important thing to remember when you’re feeling stressed is, don’t sweat the small stuff…be prepared to live it, do it and keep doing it in creative ways that works.

Always love yourself and treat your loved ones special!

Okay stay at home moms, have a go at how you prepare to relieve your ‘childcare’ stress.


2 thoughts on “Stress Relief Tips For The Stay At Home Mom”

  1. Hey Marcie. Those were easy distractions. This one shuns everything but Lion King, Mickey Mouse and anything Disney…what kid doesn’t like The Muppets? 🙂 Always appreciate your input.


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