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Why You Should Fail Yourself Forward

thANOTHERGood morning women of endurance!  This morning, I woke up to birds chirping outside my window. I feel so inspired and thankful that I didn’t give up on my dream and aspirations back when it could have been an easy choice to make. I feel blessed in my season where I get to chat and connect with so many warrior women on their journey to authentic living. I wanted to encourage the strength in all of you during those trying times when you’re feeling like giving up or think that you are not enough.

I’m sure many people have failed at one thing or another in the course of living life experiences, but you have to stand in faith and know you’re not alone.

How do you handle your fail? Do you give up and refuse to try again or do you assess the fail and come at it from another direction? Over the years, I’ve failed at a few things and was pulled toward that space of negativity that didn’t require anything of me. You might be acquainted with that space where you languish your days away, shielding yourself against all of life’s vibrancy moving without you.

If you’ve been there, you have to know that you don’t have to stay there! You have the choice to keep going and keep doing, while maintaining a positive mindset. Early on in my career, I would learn a life-altering lesson from one such setback in my life (there have been many since) where I decided to give up and just stay in bed, watch soap operas and eat donuts. Forget about trying to make myself better. That ole “pity party” mentality became my go-to comfort food that kept me dwelling on the negative.

Thankfully, after a few days,  it struck me that I wasn’t about that “woe is me” life:) I’m sure the good lord had a hand in that because everyday I lay in bed, I’d hear all of that beautiful noise of life ‘vibrancy’ happening outside my solemn walls, bringing me to the truism that life goes on. Did I want to be a participant in life or did I want to be a none factor? I chose to get up and keep going…

Trust and believe,  because you are a “spiritual” being living a “human” existence on this earth plane, you are going to have good days of productive living and you’re going to have days where one thing after another might not go your way. You might opt out of life by becoming a quitter because you’re down and feeling bad for yourself. Just know the world outside is happily going about its business and people are still doing the thing!


Stop crying over split milk.That regret has come and gone. You have new dragons to slay. There are going to be better days and greater seasons where you reap the rewards of your labor and service. Only you can make the choice to view your setbacks and challenges as an end to your ambitions and aspirations or as a breakthrough, leading to something greater; so beyond the scope of your understanding!

“If you feel hopeless, you will live hopeless”~CF

Have a success “thought”day and always treat yourself special.


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Fail Yourself Forward”

  1. This is actually what I’m doing now as I contact teachers to look at my blogging book for their classes. I’ve only contacted one school thus far, but I’m on a mission to contact at least 100 teachers before the end of this month. I’m excited to have finally started. The biggest failure would have been not to have started at all.


  2. Oh wow, that’s a great ‘lightbulb’ moment right there, Marcie! This book is a wonderful resource teachers need as an intro to the art of blogging. And you’re right. Imagine if you hadn’t tried to expand your circle of potential interests. It’s all Gravy. .


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