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6 Self-Affirming Practices To Keep You Motivated On Your Purpose Path

stock-photo-affirm-word-on-wood-blocks-concept-383382646Happy Monday, Assertive Women!  Today, I affirm that I’m an imperfect being and that trying to chase perfection isn’t a good look on me. I’m a woman who want to do good and meaningful works in my service to others and I want to make a sustainable living doing what I feel called to do. Sometimes, I get tired, frustrated and inpatient with where I am in the process of making progress.

When I’m in that space where my whole body aches, my mind gets muddled and fatigue sets in, I stop the madness and turn to a few simple techniques that helps lessen the stress, alleviate the anxiety and get me back on the human track of being productive. Here are six life affirming practices I use for a bit of rejuvenation and self-healing when I find myself in a “Funk”. Or, you can just eat an apple a day:)

Six Self-Affirming Practices to Keep You motivated On Your Purpose Path:
1. Prayer. I wrote a poem many years ago that a popular author still keeps on her popular website. It begins with, “I had a talk with God last night.” Anytime of the day, evening or night, from dusk to dawn, if that’s your thing, have a conversation with God. The point is to honor and recognize the existence of a higher power that reigns so much greater than ourselves, be it your God, your Jehovah, your Allah or your Saint; speaking into existence this amazing grace, this all-knowing imminence greater than ourselves can provide you the comfort and self-healing you seek.
2. Meditation~ for me it’s that quiet space where I go from time to time to know my better self and to touch bases with the divine. It is where I find clarity in my search for solitude. The act of silence keeps me grounded and reminds me of my reason for being. Meditation is not a religion. The solitude found in meditation is not comparative to any sort of religious practice, although one can get spiritually centered, in addition to becoming more physically, emotionally and mentally grounded.

Meditation can serve as a time out from a state of busyness as it allows you to take that much-needed “me” time to let go of stress and anxiety and to facilitate self-healing.
3. Sow seeds of help, kindness and compassion to others. I find that when I reach out to help others, my own troubles become less about me and more about those in need. Sowing seeds of kindness doesn’t have to be a big grandiose thing. When you encounter someone in need, just reach out.
4. Feed your faith with daily uplifting passages of inspiration. For me, that would be~ Bible passages, reading and listening to spiritual teachings and speaking and feeding my mind with self affirming and positive affirmations.
5. Immerse yourself in the awesomeness of Mother Nature. Thomas Moore, psychotherapists, spiritual advisor and author of A Religion Of Ones’ Own and Care Of The Soul, tells us to look up at the sky in wonder at the beauty of Mother Nature at work. If you’ve been following my work, you see that I’m always sharing on the wonder and beauty of being in the presence of Mother Nature. I think that people raised in the country have a different perspective and reverence for Mother Nature and all of its mysteries. I know for myself that when I’m in the presence of mother nature… I’m humbled and healed in every aspect of my human existence.

ADDENDUM:  I love the beauty of Mother Nature, but spiders and snakes are always given a wide berth 🙂

6. Being in the company of children. Children are the “underdogs” because they have no control over who gets to parent and protect them. Children cannot speak for themselves. And if I could, I’d ensure the happiness of every child; that they are never hungry, well cared for and loved. I’d make sure little children didn’t suffer needlessly. I’d be their advocate to serve and protect them from all man-made harm. Being in the company of children motivates me to become the best me I can be on the path to wholeness and authenticity.

stock-photo-inspirational-motivating-quotation-214314634 Okay, in lieu of taking a vacation of no return to reclaim your life, you’d be wise to incorporate a few of these life-affirming tips into your ADL (activities of daily living) and get your “every-ready” spark back.

Where are you on your purpose journey?

How do you keep your passions aflame?


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