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A Mother’s Day Manifesto For The Motherless Child

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Good Morning, women of courage! It’s such a beautiful rain day:) Mother’s Day is Sunday and I wanted to encourage the love and appreciation we have for our mothers in a special tribute that speaks to all… especially to the motherless. Do you like my photo? I caption it “Evergreen“, in honor of our mothers~

A Mother’s Day Manifesto For the Motherless Child

May 8th is Mother’s Day, a special day for sons and daughters to celebrate and honor their loving moms. It is befitting that our selfless and loving moms get a day off to be pampered and shown just how much their children care for and need them in their ever-changing and busy lives. It’s a beautiful day set aside for worship, gratitude and making lasting memories with mom.

My mom passed in 2001, on the same month as her birthday. When that month comes around, I’m honoring her birth and remembering her passing. It’s hard-pressed for motherless children, of any age, to have a happy day on any given day, in the absence of moms, but it’s especially trying during birthdays and holidays. I’m far from being the only motherless child who will be missing their mom on Mother’s Day. So, today, I’m sharing the special way I’m remembering my mom. You can remember and honor your mother by creating your own mom manifesto in a beautiful tribute that keeps your memories of her evergreen.

I’ve decided to pen a Mother’s Day Manifesto that honors the memory and legacy of my mother. What I remember most about her, based upon her teachings, beliefs and actions, I continue to incorporate into my on life, in some aspect of my living.  My mom’s living life values system might appear a bit outdated in these times, but what she demonstrated to my sibling and me, in some ways, helped shape the people we are today. I  hope that while you maneuver life as a motherless child, that by deciding to create your mom’s manifesto, either alone or with loved ones, you will feel better equipped to show up and be present in the lives of your family, friends and loved ones when celebrating Mother’s Day and every day that you live and breathe life.

What I learned from mama:

Love and sacrifice for family

Show compassion for the less fortunate

Do the work and don’t complain

Protect the children

Quietly showed me the immeasurable strength that women can muster when times are hard

It’s okay to laugh, cry and pray

Extend your hand in friendship when introduced to a stranger

Honor the land and the provisions it provides

Respect your elder wisdoms

Faith as small as a mustard seed will sustain through trials and tribulations

Grief comes and grief passes in its own time

Appreciate the beauty and the power that is Mother Nature combined

Be kind.

I’d like to think that by teaching me independence, my mother taught me to make my own path and to guard my mouth, so as not to bring unintended harm to others…

Creative Suggestions for the Motherless on Making a Mother’s Day Manifesto:

Not everyone is a writer, but everyone can write. Not many of us are carpenters, but, we know the basics of using a hammer and nail. Having cleared the way for doubt in whether you can create this loving project for your mother, here are a few suggestions you might want to consider when creating your special Mother’s Day Manifesto:

Get in your feelings and pen a special poem from your heart. Make copies and send to friends and family or have it framed for mounting on your wall where all can see.

Create a montage of your mom as pictures in action, where she’s posing, playing or being present in quiet moments.

Write those special mom quotes that keep ringing in your ears!

Share your mom’s favorite foods, movies or books.

Share handwritten letters exchanged between you and mom before internet and emails and publish them as memoir or keepsake to share with loved ones. I basically penned a letter every two weeks to my mom before the surge of emails and internet. By 1999, I’d slacked off from writing mom every two weeks and she wasn’t pleased about it. I remember when she didn’t get a letter, she would write back to ask me why. I hadn’t the heart to say, “Mama, that’s why we have the telephone.” 🙂

How about immortalizing those gardening tips, dating and relationship advice or favorite foods your mom was adamant about?

It’s your manifesto, your tribute that’s composed of loving moments from memories spent with your mom.

Write it

create it

Print it

Frame it and hang it in full view of your coming and goings, as a beautiful reminder of a reciprocal love between mother and child.

However you choose to honor your mother in your Mother’s Day Manifesto, I guarantee you; it will make your memories of her so much easier on those birthdays and special mom days, where you’re missing her physical presence…

Happy Mother’s Day…All!




4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Manifesto For The Motherless Child”

  1. This is beautiful, Clara. I’m blessed to still have my mother and she has become Mom to my friends who have lost theirs, which is a greater blessing. I like your ideas for Motherless on Making a Mother’s Day Manifesto, and I think you should individually tweet them and post them on FB this week with links to this post.

    Have a super blessed Mother’s Day. Big hugs to you.


  2. A mother that loves and support you, is one of life’s great blessings. You mom is Awesome to extend her mother-love to the motherless! I’m grateful for the years I got to spend with my mom..those memories never fade. Your tips are spot on as usual! Love how your mind works:) Thanks for your great tips and for spreading the word on fb & twitter! U authentically Rock!


  3. This is a great piece Clara. I lost my mom at the young age of 19 months. Though I don’t remember much about her, it doesn’t make it any easier to live without her.


    1. Thank you, Ollie. Oh, my heart bleeds for that 19 month old! If your mom had lived, she would surely be proud of the beautiful person/woman you are-inside and out! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Blessings and much love.


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