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Aspire To Inspire Yourself And Others!


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Happy Monday, women of compassion. My Mother’s Day was grand. I hope all of y’all enjoyed your special day and took a moment to send well wishes out to others. I see that quite a few of you stopped by Authentic Woman on Mothers Day and I’m so encouraged by your support!  Today, I want to touch on what we can do when all of those negatives in our living threatens to put a damper in the spirit of our being and keep us feeling down.

There’s so much happening in our world today- explained and unexplained and is it any wonder that people are falling victim to bouts of anger, confusion and depressive behaviors? As more people are confronted with uncertain job security, news of children being neglected and abused and a less then stellar financial future, stemming from an unstable economy, worry and stress is on the rise in many households across the nation.

Concerns about family, workplace sustainability and healthcare crisis mounts and starts a roller-coaster of self-depreciating thoughts and actions that could topple the man of steel or Wonder Woman, herself.

Personal Learned Lessons Of Inspiration To Keep You Going!

I have a message for all of you who are mired in defeat and regret. Don’t cry for spilt milk. Hold your head up, muster the strength from the ancestors, embrace your faith and sing for what you are about to do! You are on the precipice of doing something great and you will no longer live your life in regret of past disappointments and failure. You can turn your negatives into a positive by not accepting a defeat mentality. Every problem has a solution, but you have to do the work to find the answer that works best for you.

You know for yourself that with every failure, you’ve grown wiser and determined to reach your goals. Failure leads to success. Just keep stepping up and being accountable.

Everyday will bring struggle of some sort to your door. Re-purpose your mind to let the negatives go.

Where, in the past of your yesterdays, you might have lost out on a loving relationship, been downsized or let go from a good job, lost connection with your children or even received a devastating diagnosis; never give up the fight to live the rest of your life better than you’ve ever lived it before.

Arm your heart and soul with passion and purpose. Insert positives in your subconscious mind; Think and pray for a miracle over your life and keep getting up, putting in the work and meet every challenge head on!

Never lose sight of who you are and whose you are. I’m not just talking the talk here, I’m walking the walk. I’ve been through the fires of regret, equal amounts of pain and sorrow where it seems everyday another negative hurdle lies in wait…don’t let it derail you from living out your purpose.

When you’ve come through the fires at each and ever turn, don’t sit back and say, “Look how far I’ve come. No, you spread your wings of knowledge, acquired through your personal setbacks and struggles, and go ahead and you sow them out in the world where people are in need of your authentic truths.

Be, as the great poet, Maya Angelou, dictates, “a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud.” When you’re in the midst of trouble, go on and help somebody else who’s in need of making their lives better.

You will discover as you walk, talk and live your truths, the strength you have acquired on your journey will encourage, empower and inspire others to win the battle and claim victory. Always pay it forward by using your life to help inspire the gifts in others, whether as friend, concerned citizen, mentor or coach, your experiences are valuable and can enrich the lives of others!

“From steps to ladders to bridges your truth begins with you!” A Life toward Authenticity My Authentic Woman Story, eBook.

I hope you had a grand time on Mother’s Day. I hope you allowed compassion and love to fill your heart for all of the motherless and neglected children of the world. I hope that your voice serves as an advocate for the “voiceless” and I hope that your service for others bring immense joy and abundance into your living!

Always treat yourself special…



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  1. Hey Clara, that’s a great article. I just refurbished my website, please take a look at it. I hope you are doing well. Mark

    On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 8:14 AM, authentic woman wrote:

    > clara54 posted: “Happy Monday, women of compassion! My Mother’s Day was > grand. I hope all of y’all enjoyed your special day and took a moment to > send well wishes out to others. I see that quite a few of you stopped by > Authentic Woman on Mothers Day and I’m so encouraged b” >


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