WzW-Unlease Your Pearls Cover

We have to be brave when we speak our truths…Clara Freeman

Hello courageous women of authenticity! I need to post my whereabouts to all of you-my faithful friends and readers of the world who look forward to stopping by Authentic Woman for inspiration, a safe place to land and to share your truths. My truth is that I’m in hiding. I’m in hiding because I have no words for what is happening in our world today . I’m in hiding from all of the senseless violence that is occurring and the bias and apathy that runs rampant among America’s people and those called peacemakers.

I’m left speechless by the plague that follows America’s history well into the 21st century! I’m ashamed and embarrassed and so sick and tired of lives lost, racial rhetoric and excuses made for why what’s happening is happening. It’s time, no, it’s imperative that people get their minds right and face some ugly truths! Some of us harbor hatred in our hearts. In the 21st century, we are still rooting for the good ole days of Jim Crow’s separation of the races, submissiveness and apathy in the face of injustice, racial profiling, murder of people of color, killing of white police officers in retaliation( unclothed truths) that are overlooked and not talked about or addressed. This is the time to put an end to this racial divide and injustice!

I’m in hiding because I’m sick and tired of people placing blame on one group as opposed to another group. I’m in hiding because I refuse to speak with a forked tongue. Let America’s all America rise up in truth and stop perpetuating the lies. Families have lost their loved ones. Little children have lost a parent, wives their husbands, husbands their wives and this takes precedence over skin color!

We have got to stop this madness. I have a grown son, a family man, who works everyday to support his children. My son drives while black. My son, like your son, life matters. The difference is, my son is more likely to be pulled over by one of those who have sworn to serve and protect. My son is a law abiding family man who respects his elders, doesn’t drink or carry a gun. He’s a proud, intelligent and independent black man and somehow, that seems to be a problem in America. This ugly mindset have to change. We have to do our part to make that happen. Use your gifts in whatever positive capacity to help bring about a positive world change for our children and the generations to come.

Even while being brutally beaten by white police officers, Rodney King believed in the beauty of a people’s respect for one another. Why can’t we put aside this ugly way of living? In the words of Rodney King,“Can’t we all just get along?”

I apologize to my beautiful family of Authentic Woman followers (of every ethnicity) but my truth is… I’m outraged and I’m in hiding from all of social media until I pray myself to healing and recovery.

Keep love in your heart for all God’s people and always treat yourself special. Unleash Your Pearls Empowering Women’s Voices, will be available soon!