Womens History Month: For My Mother!

Happy Women”s History Month! It’s been nine months since my last post on Authentic Woman and I’m encouraged and grateful for your continued support for this woman space that was started 10 years ago. We know from living life experiences that life happens for us, and our purpose journey transcends as the work to become our best selves evolves. I hope it’s been an awesome New Year of a new beginning for all of you! Rain has turned to snow this morning in my small Midwestern town and I’m inspired to be present and in the moment.
I feel an ambiance of serenity I crave on this journey to awareness, and purpose. But, trust me when I tell you, this simple living takes some getting used to! Mother Nature’s unpredictable mood out here, and those darn late fees tacked onto already exorbitant water bills, tend to interrupt my flow. Well, there is that, lol. But, I’m feeling good. I’m experimenting with different recipes, eating healthier and connecting with family and old friends. I’m writing every day, researching, sharing and helping other folks recognize their shine.

20180301_124458outside my office window

I was feeling such a sense of pride and duty and thankfulness today that I had to share in this special month for women. Today, March 1st, is most special to me because my SHEro, my late mother, Mrs. Alberta Broger, was born on this day.

Mama turned 92 years old in heaven today. She is never forgotten, and she is always remembered by friends and family. Her presence on earth will never diminish in the minds and hearts of her children and grandchildren. We all remember her strength, love, wisdom, fire, compassion and the gold-toothed smile that was simply mama. My siblings and I carry her life lessons and the teachings of both our parents into our living. In a piece reflecting on life’s observations, I wanted to share my heartfelt gratitude in remembrance of how love and guidance from my first teacher(mama) led me to know my own authentic and true self.

As I Age

As I age I’m coming into an understanding-
An understanding of what it means to be
Woman. Mother. Friend. Lover. Black. and Southern.
I wear the cloak of understanding many colors: bias, discrimination, prejudice, superiority, privilege, hate and self-love;
Racism, ageism, socialization-ism, cultural-ism and all the man-made separatisms placed upon ones’ human existence.
As I age-
I ask freely for the Almighty’s forgiveness, as I have come to know my spiritual self. I’m knowing God’s love and the realization that-
The church isn’t for all Christians. That God doesn’t discriminate. That he is omniscience embraces us from every place.
where love abides; in having a love for humanity, respect for the of wisdom of the elderly, love for self and for all children of all nations. I have come to know that there is something about a supernatural love! Self- awareness transcends the lives of common folks, baffles the thinking man’s mind, lifts the burdens of sorrow from hopeless women shoulders-
As I age,
I know JOY:

I know Sorrow:

As a spiritual being living a human existence, right here on earth. I know that there is no one better, greater, smarter, prettier or more beautiful than what the good lord has placed in me. I know that the living can rise and walk; rise and talk, shout, speak from a heart of authentic truths- hold a candle of accountability to those who do harm to others, stand in solidarity to save our children from the ugliness of neglect and abuse.
As I age,
I vow to continue this journey of speaking my truths, have my woman say, keep learning and keep writing to change a peoples’ hate to love, to shine a light upon men and women who do honorable deeds and spread the gift of opportunity that is available for everyone…
“If you want to change the world take up your pen and write.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
And so, I do-
Happy Women’s History Month!
Happy Birthday Mother- although you are gone, you are never forgotten. You are the essence to the woman I’ve become. You, my first teacher, woman of substance, who walked, talked and owned her authentic truths!

Clara B. Freeman.




3 thoughts on “Womens History Month: For My Mother!

  1. Happy Women’s History Month to you! So glad to see receive this email today! What encouraging words…..As I age. As I age I too vow to continue the journey of speaking my truth, encouraging and uplifting women. As I age I now know JOY and not just happiness! I’m stronger and better because of that one person who reached out to me when I was down and out. Thank you for your words. Continue to be blessed and may this day be a day of reflection.


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