About Me…

FREEMANC_LZ059-o1GATA7_02Hello and welcome to Authentic Woman, my empowerment site for women. It’s important to note that we all have a story to tell and a voice to speak our authentic truths. However, that isn’t always the case for those I refer to as the “underdog.” No matter the reason or the season, you have to know that you matter and your voice needs to be heard.

I am Clara Freeman, a Southern woman of color who has worn many hats in over 4 decades of “people” service. As a champion for the voiceless, I’ve served as a community newspaper and features writer, lifestyle strategist, women’s empowerment advocate, motivational author, nurse advice columnist and professional blogger.

I am mom of two, grandma of seven and gram-gram to a beautiful little great-granddaughter!  Yes, it takes stamina, but I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made:)

Some of my passions includes; listening to beautiful music, writing in all genres, voracious readings, hanging with authentic folks, enjoying good conversation, exquisite wines ( 2 glass maximum), comfort foods and being in the company of men of character. I’m also a nature worshiper who love sunsets, sunrises and the ambiance of early mornings. And I am a “scary” movie buff.

I have an undeniable passion for my life purpose which is to empower the authentic woman voice and reawaken all women to live and walk in their authentic truths. Because I’ve been there, done and lived that, I know how fearful change in your becoming can be. If you allow me to help guide you through the doubts and fears of uncertainty to an intuitive awareness of purpose and possibility, you will become better in all areas of your living.

Through expert guidance, based upon my own personal life experiences and growth techniques of implementing my proven formula of process to progress, I’ll help you know your purpose, experience inner peace, happiness and success as you step boldly into your authentic truths.

I bring over thirty years of  nurse leadership skills that includes practicing and applying strategist learning  modules, including the introduction to an intuitive state of mindfulness and self-awareness learning skills. I am certified in leadership and coaching through the DePaul University Hay Project.

Are you ready to embrace your spiritually re-awakened authentic self?

If you are in need of answers that will lead you to becoming your true self, allow me to guide you on your journey to “Knowing” and “Becoming” .

I am available for seminars, speaking engagements and personal mentoring sessions…

If you have an interest in my freelance writing services, feel free to visit my portfolio page.

I am excited to offer my services where I work with you on your journey to becoming a better you.

Feel free to email me at unleashyourpearls@yahoo.com and let’s work to make your life better!

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  1. I thought you might like to know that I nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog award. Congratulations! You can check out the link below, if you want to participate. The link is wp.me/p3whOY-oT. Thanks.


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