“From The Experts,” Special Guest Monica Carter Tagore

Happy November, women warriors! I know you all know the importance of story. I know you get that we have a story inside of us that could possibly help to heal another or change a life. Perhaps, it’s the fear of the unknown or a  fear of suddenly becoming known that is holding you back? My special guest today is an advocate for story. Monica Carter Tagore has authored or ghostwritten more than 45 books and she’s on a mission to help you become the author to your story. Please welcome Monica Carter Tagore to Authentic Woman.


Why your story deserves to be told

Monica Carter Tagore

It’s natural to want to pretend life has always been good.

But this pretense could be robbing you of your greatest service. You see, when you strip back the facade and let your authentic self show up, the story you share just may be the help and hope someone else needs. It may be what they have been searching or praying for.

I have been working for many years to help people find the lessons, blessings, messages, and big ideas in their stories, and to tell them in books. My work has taken on even more urgency this year, as I am now on a breast cancer healing journey. You see, as I looked at my own story, I knew I did not want to hold it tight and away from others. I wanted to share it, so any who desired, could learn or gain from it in some way.

I wrote an inspirational book as I was recovering from chemo and awaiting my mastectomy. That book, the soon-to-be-released Stronger: 31 Inspirational Messages to Get You Through That Tough Time, shares encouragement so readers see a way to keep striving, even in the face of adversity. This book came from my story, as I found inspirational messages so important.

But I am not unique. Each of us has a story, and within that story are lessons, blessings, and messages. For people who are able to see the lessons of their lives, then they have an opportunity — some might even say obligation — to share those lessons.

What you have been through, what you have endured, what you had to learn the hard way matters. You matter. And somebody needs to hear from you so they can get the inspiration, insight, and information they need to keep moving forward. You hold that within your story.

Now, it will take a touch of bravery to do this. After all, sharing your lessons means being willing to share your folly. Your mistakes. Your bad decisions.

Not everybody wants to do that. But if you are willing to share with others the times when your life wasn’t as good as it is now, then it’s time to tell your story. Your story deserves to be told so others can gain knowledge, inspiration, and insight from it.

So how do you do that?

  1. Write a book. Writing a book is a wonderful way to be able to make your experiences count. While there may have been other books written about your topic, none has been written on your experience and with your perspective. In other words, your book hasn’t been written. How you present your experiences and what you learned may be what reaches someone. You may do it in such a way as to shed new light on a subject or connect with your reader in a way others who have written on your topic have not been able to do. There may be people you can reach with your story who may not be able to be reached or helped by anyone else. If you don’t share your story, they may not get the help they need.
  2. Speaking on your topic may be another way to share your story and touch lives. Speaking may be an intimidating activity, but don’t let the intimidation factor hold you back. Speaking can happen in several ways — from the stage, but also via podcasts, videos, webinars, etc. Choose the format that works for you and the message you want to share.
  3. Take to social media. Social media is an amazing use of technology that allows us to connect with others and touch lives all over the planet. Rather than simply sharing insignificant nothings via your social media accounts, maybe it’s time to share your story in updates. You don’t have to make the updates all about you. But you can share updates about statistics related to your experience, and share your insight on what these stats mean. You can share inspirational messages to encourage others dealing with the topic of your experience. You can share tips and strategies for facing the issue you are speaking about on social media.
  4. Starting a blog about your topic may be where your heart leads you. Your experience in dealing with the issue you discuss on the blog is your credibility. You are an expert because you dealt with this issue and overcame it or somehow got to a better point regarding it. Your blog can be a place where you share your story and share insight, coping strategies, and inspiration related to what you cover.

Nobody has to give you permission to share your story. You don’t have to be a celebrity. You don’t have to be wealthy in monetary terms. You don’t have to know everything there is to know about your topic. You are enough, just as you are. You have lived it. Now tell it. Someone else needs to hear it.



Monica Carter Tagore inspires and empowers people to see their true value. She does this in several ways, including the Chase Your Star newsletter and providing mentoring to help people tell their stories in book format. Get her free recording, “How to tell your story — and get noticed,” when you sign up for the Chase Your Star newsletter at http://monicacartertagore.com/newsletter



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Thanks to Monica for sharing parts of her own inspirational story with us! If you are holding your story hostage,  consider the importance of telling your story and be that rainbow. Will see y’all back here in December:)




PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE ~ by Pauline Haynes

“Use your influence to help others”

Good morning, women of purpose! I’m happy to reconnect with all of your amazing voices. I appreciate, honor and heart you all! Today, I bring you an empowering, authentic and trans-formative message from one of the most influential life coaches in the universe. Please welcome back to Authentic Woman, my authentic camaraderie in arms, Ms. Pauline Haynes!



Every one of us is unique and totally irreplaceable. We have all had connections with people, places, things, and experiences. No matter how much we try, each individual has his or her own take on the story or stories, even if two people were present at the same occasion/occurrence.


The word authenticity has been so seemingly over-used, but it is a beautiful word that aptly describes who we are. It helps to differentiate you from me and vice versa.

Or, as in “I am the Walrus,” the popular Beatles song


“I am he as you are he as you are me

And we are all together.”


We are together, and we are different. Singular. Unique. One of a kind gem. No two alike. Our claim to authenticity!


As I celebrate a birthday, embarking on another chapter of my life, I am flooded with memories. Some clear, some lacking in details, while others flow like a montage of unconnected experiences in my life.


Certainly I am more than pleased to be at the ripe age of maturity (some would say old). In fact it wasn’t so long ago that I thought of this age (my age) as old. Old is a state of mind, a way of being. My chronological age is keeping tabs on my psychological, mental, physical and emotional age, and the winner is a draw, depending on the day.


That is why I have to dig deeper to find, honor, respect and appreciate the essence of this woman. This authentic being – me!


There is such a rush as I write those words. It makes me humble to be alive. Right here, right now. Yes. I have stories to tell!


I may share some of the memories, but this is not strictly meandering down memory lane. There are some memories I still prefer to keep to myself (and will). If you’ve lived as long as I have, you better have some experiences you want to keep”mum.”


What surfaces as I consider my life, is not the details of my teenage and young adulthood, but the occurrences on a worldwide scale and its impact on us right now.


My personal life does not have worldwide interest or impact. I  have no claim to fame. Sharing some of my personal experiences have  (in tiny ways) touched some, and maybe as you read this, you also may feel or experience some slight impact.


One does not have to be speaking before an audience, or command the ears/attention of millions to have impact. Presence is enough. Integrity and intentionality. The impact is what you choose to do with that presence.


I have developed a certain grace and humility, even though that can also exhibit anger and outrage (depending on the circumstances). The humility allows me to connect to my breath, which allows me to connect to my body, which connects me to my thoughts, my surroundings, my behavior;  and so the ripple continues. The connection of me to the earth, to you and on and on.


When I am in my presence, and I am aware, I can have an impact. I speak differently. I hear differently. I respond differently. I behave differently. I am in reverence of all that is alive, true, perfect and sacred. I respect me more and I respect you more.


I honor life! I am authentic.


There are some “firsts” for me that are memorable in a nostalgic way, while others are purely sentimental. Neither is good or bad. They simply are.


In bringing two children into this world, they are both firsts. My first-born was a boy, and my second born was a girl. The first. The only. They are memorable and nostalgic all rolled into a bundle of everlasting love.


Seeing the birth of my first grand child was overwhelming, exciting, magnificent and awe-inspiring. Giving birth is not the same as seeing a birth.


I remember the first time I was kissed by a boy, It was uneventful, and I’m not sure why I remember it. The memory is vague, but present.


I remember the first time I set foot in England. It was cold, dreary, foggy, and it was a new experience, coupled with the old. I was reunited with my mother. I also remember the first time I arrived in San Francisco. It reminded me of the TV series “The Streets of San Francisco.” I was awed by how large everything was. The Golden Gate bridge was luminous through the fog, and it made me smile.


I could go on for a while, but these are my memories, and I appreciate your indulgence.


We are currently embroiled in political bantering, narcissism, grandstanding, holier-than-thou-ism, deplorable and despicable words and behavior ism. Lies and half-truths, and more lies. This is a part of the present as the two-party system pits Hilary Rodham Clinton (D) and Donald John Trump (R) against each other. They vie for the hearts, votes and respect of the American people – to become the next president of the United States.


The shenanigans are not pretty.


This time in politics, is following on the historical footsteps of the creation of these United States. The true colors of hatred and dissent are more visible and pronounced than the caring and concern that individuals who gave their lives in the Civil Rights movement fought for. This country came about through some unsavory actions.


The turning backwards is giving us the opportunity to examine our souls and our intentions. Perhaps it’s even allowing us to get to know the real history of this country and its people.


Singularly, authentically and collectively – serious examination is called for.


Barak Husain Obama has been the first elected black president of the United States, and his eight-year tenure has not been an easy one. President Obama and first lady Michele Obama have governed with dignity, grace under fire, and have endured the insults, slurs, disrespect and  every imaginable obstacle that has been thrown their way. They have certainly not done everything right.


As two people with their hearts rooted in our African culture, they have not only survived, they are thriving! I share Langston Hughes’ “Lament for Dark Peoples” which gives a little perspective on the foregoing. It is as pertinent now, as when it was penned by Mr Hughes years ago:


I was a red man one time,

But the white men came.

I was a black man, too,

But the white men came.

They drove me out of the forest.

They took me away from the jungles.

I lost my trees.

I lost my silver moons.

Now they’ve caged me

In the circus of civilization.

Now I herd with the many —

Caged in the circus of civilization.


My hope is that the Peoples of every culture, every nation will have a life that is worthy of our history, or sacrifices, our dignity, our caring. Our unique strengths and weaknesses have meaning and make a difference when we think and behave collectively. It is the only thing that will save our humanity.



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A Life Toward Authenticity~

Happy Monday, women of courage! Today I’ve been contemplating on my service work and my thoughts centered on my beginnings. Most of you who follow my work on the blogs or gained insights from my freelancewriting.com articles and magazine and newspaper columns, know a bit about me. But, you don’t truly know, Clara, the woman or Clara, the advocate and activist, who feels called to champion the voice of the “underdog.” Many of my beloved readers and social media connections do not know how I came to live a life of authenticity. You don’t know the path to my becoming, unless you’ve read my first attempt to share my WHY with you through my 2011 self published e-book, A Life Toward Authenticity-My Authentic Woman Story.

Today, I’m sharing excerpts of my story captured in my Authentic Woman eBook. I have to warn you, some of the earlier writings are raw, but it’s most definitely for real:)

“Hello, my name is Clara and this is my story.” Enjoy!

“We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?’ Actually, who are we not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are meant to shine, as children do…and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson

In 2000 I was caught up in a whirlwind of doubts, confusion, longing and disgust. I wasn’t satisfied with the way my life had turned out. I had married and divorced. Bore two wonderful children who would become my reasons for being present. Yet, there was a recurring and nagging wariness and feelings of unworthiness in my chest.

I didn’t feel like I was living up to my full potential. Why couldn’t I be happy with my children, family, friends and career? Why did I feel as if I was tossed in a sea of choppy currents screaming out for a life-preserver and no one could hear…or care? I wasn’t living. Just co-existing. Why, then, wasn’t I living up to my full potential and becoming the woman I’d always wanted to know?

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was on a journey to “becoming”.  And I was fighting this change every step of the way. What exactly do I mean by “on a journey to becoming”? Simply stated, I was on a mission of change, and I was afraid of the unknown. I was reluctant to reawaken to my true self, denying the path I was destined to embark upon – the road leading to self-awareness and total authenticity.

To celebrate my journey toward authenticity, I created Authentic Woman, a motivational and personal development website that’s all about “The Woman” in 2008. I felt compelled to offer a platform for our voices, where we share life experiences, inclusive of our hopes, our dreams, our passions and desires.


Authentic Woman is the manifestation of my passion and ultimate purpose, which is to embrace, explore, empower and reawaken our woman “truth.” Reading these women’s stories inspired me to write this personal side of Clara. I’ve lived and learned from life experiences, and now I’m living my passion and purpose. I wasn’t always so clear on how this “becoming” thing worked. So, let me share with you how I became the woman I’d always wanted to know!

“With age comes wisdom.” I’m sure you’ve all heard this quotation before. But how many of us truly believe it? As we age, we enter into this solstice of life where we’re either embracing or denying the obvious. We are more aware of our intuitive selves and sense of knowing. We’re no longer hungry for the acceptance of others. We are “becoming” comfortable in our own skin. We are “becoming” truth seekers. It is our journey to authenticity.

“Walk out on faith. Don’t let fear of the unknown stand in your way.”
Nelson Mandela~

Do You Know Where You Are Going To?

In 1975 the movie Mahogany, starring Ms. Diana Ross, graced big screens all across the country. Ms. Ross played Tracy, a young African-American woman set on following her dreams to break into the modeling and fashion business. As she’s headed out from her hometown to follow her dreams on a seemingly slow-moving train, the theme song of Mahogany, written by Michael Masser and Gerald Goffin and produced by Berry Gordy starts by asking the questions:

“Do you know where you’re going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to? Do you know?” The most daunting line of the song with which I could totally relate was “Do you get what you’re hoping for when you look around and there’s no open door. What are you hoping for? Do you know?”

I never intended to become a well-known designer, actress or household name when I set out to follow my dreams at the age of 18. There were two things I definitely knew at that age: First, I didn’t want to attend the local colleges or universities like most of my friends. Secondly, I had no intention of settling down and marrying one of the local clerks at the country deli or living on the outskirts of the small town where you saw miles of dirt roads, overgrown riverbeds and beaten down old men, who spent their entire lives working for the man, in the white house on the hill ,with the immaculate green lawn protected by a herd of shrewd Dalmatians.

My single thought at the time was to come up from that environment where Jim Crow remained law, and start living the life I knew was out there…


To read more of my compelling life journey to authenticity, go to my author’s page at https://www.amazon.com/author/clarafreeman and download a copy to read at your leisure. And stay tuned for my new book, Unleash Your Pearls~Empowering Women Voices, awaiting publisher’s release date.

I end every post by reminding you guys to always treat yourself special. Well, I’m taking my own advice and will be away for a few weeks. Hope to see you right back here in June. If you’d like to reach me, send a message via my contact page.

Have a fun and safe summer everyone!


2015~ A Most Transformative Year

Happy Monday, woman of wisdom!
vfiles8571CHURCHI’m waking up feeling good now that I have my toast, orange juice and steaming cup of java 🙂  The pictures in today’s post are significant in because they help to tell the story of my beginning. I was born and raised in the simple flat-lands of the Mississippi Delta, pretty much isolated from all of the hate and violent acts of the South, under what was known as “Jim Crow Law.” After graduating from high school at the age of 18, I left home to began a new chapter to my story. If you haven’t read about my journey to “becoming”, you can check it out here https://www.amazon.com/author/clarafreeman.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what color you are or where you come from, you have the power to change your story and live the life you want to live! I wanted to talk about transformation and how far I’ve come in every aspect of my living. While you’re reading my story, I want you to think on your own beginnings and leave a comment if you like. That would be awesome!

I believe that 2015 was my most trans-formative year because it led me to reflect upon the events of my living and how I awakened to know who I am, whose I am and how I came to the realization of why I am. After over 5 decades of living, where, oftentimes, I merely existed and failed to thrive, I trust and believe that my way out was just God.

I know 2015 was chosen for me, by a power greater than me, to be the season of my restoration and transformation. It’s when I came to accept responsibility for the power of “me”. A power where obedience, humility and allowing opened the door to my  ‘spirit’ purpose. My intuitive insight, compassion and empathy for my fellow-man, woman and child seems insurmountable through my acceptance of how God’s love shows up in my life.

I’ve accomplished a lot of good works by allowing for his blessings, favor and miracles to manifest in me. I thank him for bringing me a mighty long way and for keeping my mind stayed on positives; for my ability to create meaningful works and share valuable life lessons to aid other women on their journey to reawakening.

Nobody can maneuver this awesome life transition to “becoming” alone and why would anyone want to, when there are so many opportunities to connect to a  network of like minded women; women who will support you and build you up when you fear, question or falter? I thrive on being a lifelong learner who examines all of life’s mysteries. I’ve studied for years the stories of people on the path to living their truths. In 2015, I’ve finally accepted my reason for being; that my mission is to teach those willing to embrace their authentic truths, passion and purpose.

I embody a fire and a willingness to succeed in my calling to empower the voice in other women, to serve as an advocate for the “underdog” (women, children and the elderly) and to stand in solidarity with like-minded folks for the common good that I believe rests in the bosoms of all God’s people..

Some of 2015 Accomplishments~

2015 was my most trans-formative year because I was provided opportunities beyond measure in my personal and professional life.  I made good on my blessings by writing on a daily basis. I wrote feature articles as a lifestyle strategist for a popular UK magazine, turned down writing for several magazines that did not support my purpose vision, wrote and co-authored a relationship book for Christian couples and singles and appeared on a  few blog talk radio shows, along with the author of Essence Of Romance to help promote our book.

I followed my intuition to speak with a publisher about a book publishing scholarship and was awarded one of four $2500 scholarships toward the publication of my purpose book for women. Unleash Your Pearls is currently at the publishers, pending publication.

I look forward to sharing the cover with all of you. I have reviewed a countless number of new authors’ first books and helped promote them on Clara54 Writer’s Blog and I’ve received many heartfelt emails from women who are searching for answers on their personal journey to “becoming. I’ve made awesome and meaningful social media connections who bring messages of value and meaning to my life and to the lives of others.

MSIn reconnecting with my sibling, we resolve to continue the loving family connections that form the foundation of our family tradition and legacy. I have been blessed to learn from them and also contribute life lessons learned with each passing of the seasons. I learned better ways to manage the chronic pain from a diagnosed form of arthritis that is not going anywhere, anytime soon. By allowing for God to take the wheel in my living, I opened myself to the love and possibility of “good” to manifest in all areas of my “being”.
When you transform and get to a place of “knowing” and “becoming”, you will lay ego down by the wayside of your living, because ego has no place in your awareness. I trust and believe in miracles and in the power of prayer. God’s love for me is the prominent miracle worker in my life.
2015 was a trans-formative year where I’m led to continue the practice of allowing, believing and trusting. Don’t fear the path leading to your re-discovery, re-awakening, spiritual washings and fulfillment. . I know that God’s love in your life will suffice and provide for all of your human needs. Here is a brief summation of my authentic truths solidified in 2015. I eagerly carry them with me into the New Year 2016 and beyond.

My Authentic Truths~
I am a child’s advocate, an elder’s guardian and a woman’s voice of reason. I’m not
immune to pain and sorrows of life, but I’ve learned that it’s never good to settle into
a place of misery.

No matter my circumstance, I will keep doing the work. I know that bad
things happens to good people. I know because of my compassion, I will bear the burden of pain when children are sexually and domestically abused. I trust and believe through faith, that God hears and answers all prayers.

I don’t judge others for their religious or spiritual beliefs. I can only wish them well. I know the value of forgiveness and letting go. I know that pain is inevitable and that joy comes in the mornings of my mourning.

A New Year Of Hope~
I hope that 2016 keeps you prayed up and empowered to empower someone else in meaningful and positive ways. I hope that you walk your Journey in self-awareness and authentic truths; that you rid yourself of old habits that doesn’t elevate your life but, instead, keep you feeling stuck and playing small. I hope that you make wise choices and live spiritually. My hope is that parents of children make them a priority, raise them in love and always try to the best of their ability to protect them from harm; prepare them for human ugliness and lead them to the faith of a loving God whose mercy and grace shall follow them all the days of their lives.

I am and always will be an advocate for the “underdog” who in my mind, are those women, children and elderly whose voices oftentimes remain silent. I pray that love finds you in your personal life, that you treat yourself golden and that you sow seeds of loving kindness to others…

Always treat yourself special!

What was your most trans-formative year? Please allow me to quote you on that:)

Leave A Legacy Or At Least Make An Indelible Impression


Women of Grace, these are my thoughts for you today. If they serve to move you or elevate you or give you pause or even make you uncomfortable; I’m grateful!

What are you living for? How do you want to be remembered? What do you want to be remembered for?
Are you living up to your greatest potential? Are you waiting for your dream job or for that ‘keeper’ guy to suddenly materialize to form your reality? Are you putting your dreams on hold? Are you waiting for a tomorrow that might not come?

If you haven’t started to create a life that offers something of value and sustains long after you’re gone or at the very least, make an indelible impression in the world, then, you’re not living your soul purpose! It’s time to stop straddling the fence of life and begin the real process of living your one memorable life.
I learned today that a prolific weaver of words and a very personable and kind woman I met in the 90s had died from injuries sustained after being hit by a car. In regards to and out of respect for her family and loved ones, I will only refer to this poetess as “M.” I’m always saddened by the ending of life. It is only natural that when a loved one passes we grieve. Over the years, I’ve grieved from the loss of children, friends and co-workers. I even mourn the loss of strangers and celebrities.
We have empathy because we are no stranger to loss and the pain of loss. Over the years, I’ve become a motherless and fatherless child. I’ve lost a brother and a sister and I’ve had my share of dark days, tears and feelings of brokenness. The thing I’m grateful to carry with me, is the love that burned in them for me. I’m able to keep going because of their legacy of love. When I lose a friend or someone I’ve met for a brief time, the grief is just as painful.
I met M in the 90s during our season of poetry hopping where we were seeking validation for the least read art that still moved us to create. I joined a local poetry group who had an open door policy for poets who wanted to share their work. One Saturday M dropped by to read her poetry. She was already an accomplished and polished poet with an authentic voice. Like others in the group, I knew instantly that M was special. She didn’t join our poetry group, but would stop in on occasion while she kept doing her thing. Our group often ran into her at special appearances, poetry slams and other venues where poetry readings were welcomed. Her work preceded her and she was well-known to poetry lovers in Chicago.
I purchased one of M’s earlier works and enjoyed it immensely. Gwendolyn Brooks was among her circle of acquaintances. The time I saw the two of them together, there appeared to be no outward showing of grandeur from either of them. Ms. Brooks knew who she was, of course and why she was, evident by the wealth of work she left the world. To this day, Chicago State University continues to host Poetry Competitions in her honor.
I also got the impression that M knew who and the why of her being as well. In this one life we live, there will be people we meet whose essence exudes confidence, elegance and authenticity. There will be people who leave an indelible impression that settles in our memory bank of people connections. M was one of those women.

I remember once, how  excited I was to enter a poetry contest she hosted at her place of business. One evening while I was busy cooking dinner for my family, I got a phone call. It was M telling me that due to the lack of participants, the contest was pulled. She thanked me for entering and wished me well in the future. She told me that she had read an article in the Chicago Defender Newspaper, where I wrote of a confrontation between myself and a nurse supervisor who wasn’t pleased about my locs and had advised me to change my hair. She congratulated me for refusing to give in to the supervisor’s intimidation. At the time M was wearing a short Afro and walking in her truths.

Time passes and Life takes us in different directions. I eventually left the poetry group. Sadly, I never saw or heard from M again. Just today,I read of her passing.
I’m thankful I got to meet this woman of grace and courage, who left a great and honorable legacy for her family. I hear the good lord saying, “well done my good and faithful servant~ well done.”
“May your living leave a legacy or at the very least, an indelible impression” CF

Relax, Release and Trust the Process!

Good Morning Women of Purpose!

Did anyone watch Oprah’s new BELIEF series? I did and I found it very interesting in regards to other worlds cultural and spiritual traditions. The young women in India who become nuns, had to pull their hair out by hand and give up all family connections. Ten year old African boys who would become men, participated in a ritual that had them jumping from the top of a tree onto the muddy ground below… seeing one young boy land on his head was terrifying. He bravely endured, but I’m sure it was to save face.

I said a serious prayer for him because he appeared to land hard. Those boys participating in such dangerous feats were unsettling. Now, viewing water as a healing resource was more to my understanding. Anyhow, I digress from today’s post, so let’s go there.

quote-typographic-background-shoes-keep-calm-love-vector-format-50568357Relax, Release and Trust the Process
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so thankful for those days; those small moments in time and that food for thought we often chew on, swallow and digest in our lives as a reminder that,” It’s not all about you!” These last weeks, I’ve had to take a step back and take a page from that spirit book, which basically tells us to relax, release and trust the process.
For those of you who might not have read or heard it from friends who follow my blogs, I was recently awarded a $2500 book publishing contract from a Publishing Company that empowers women writers. This particular contract was for African-American women writers seeking a publisher for their books. I completed my self-help book for women, maybe a week before reading about the scholarship and initially, I wasn’t going to apply (pride) but my spirit led intuition pulled me from bed to email the publisher for direction.
My concern after being awarded the scholarship and thanking God for my blessing, was that in my haste to share the good news, along with the title of my book to the world, I might have given cause for some unscrupulous someone to come along and claim the title before the book’s release! Although there’s a story behind Unleash Your Pearls, I can’t forget that my quotes & phrases have appeared in other places without my author permission.
These human concerns led me to want to complete the five book coaching conference calls that are a stipulation of the scholarship. I emailed available dates to the publisher, in an effort to rush the process. Naw, didn’t happen!

Happily, I can report that my first conference call is this week. I’m looking forward to the process of learning more about the publishing end of this writing thing. I’m also stepping back from trying to control the book publishing process, in order to get a great book out to all of you!

thbelieveI have to trust that God got the wheel and try hard to stay in my lane, because Unleash Your Pearls has a publisher who will do the necessary maintenance required to make the book ready to market, promote and sell as the professional work all of you deserve.

I’m so excited! All of my hard work will now be in book form for every authentic woman living and learning from life experiences. You can keep this valuable resource to becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to know within arms reach.
Unleash Your Pearl is a personal testament of my journey to authentic awareness to spirit and purpose. Other visionaries share their stories on how every woman (and man) deserves to live their one life better. There are correspondence from women asking questions about the change occurring in their lives, as well as millennials coming to terms with having to make choices that will affect their families.. Heck, there’s even a man/woman discussion on relationships that is very revealing for both sexes. I am blown away by how our whole life existence is a learning process. And, whether you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, this book offers some authentic nuggets for everyone on how to live this one awesome life. We’re never too young or too old to learn new ways,wisdom and insights that leads to living life better and not bitter.

In preparing my book for publication, I’ve had to let go of ego and trust that my book needs and desires will come to fruition.Trust and believe that an important component to living a spiritually authentic life is to relax, release and trust the process!
Always believe and trust in yourself and in your abilities to be of positive service to others seeking the right path to living an authentic life. Also, trust that your own life of service will flourish in blessings and abundance.

Victim No More!

thadultGood Morning, Warrior Women!

There are so many warrior women out here fighting the good fight against abuse. Many of you are women who have been through the storms of abuse and you are survivors who have regained control of your  lives to walk free of the stigma oftentimes associated with abuse. o many more of you know someone who have been abused and you’re on a mission to bring awareness and encourage the authentic voice of  women who suffer in silence.

Authentic Women, you are champions and not victims!

At some point in our “woman” lives we have been victims. Abuse in any form can occur at any age and stage in lives of women, children and the elderly. I would be remiss if I didn’t concur that abuse happens in the lives of young males, who grow up to become men who oftentimes keep their abuse a secret, perhaps, thinking in error, that by acknowledging the abuse, he will be ridiculed or that it will somehow lessen his manhood.
Abuse is a traumatic experience that can leave a person with depressive feelings of low self-esteem, little self-worth, anger, anxiety, intimacy issues in their relationships and, even thoughts of suicide. I’m encouraged to connect with women who have taken control of their lives and refuse to be victim to abuse any longer! Social media is a wonderful platform for women of abuse to share their authentic truths and use their voice to inspire and motivate those who keep silent and perhaps, miss the opportunity to shed light on this crime that steals the vibrant life of its victims.

th blameI was in a recent conversation with a young mother who had concerns about keeping her child safe from abuse. We teach our children about “stranger danger” in our homes, but, we are reluctant to teach our young girls and boys about how to protect their bodies. Back in the day, kindergarten teachers were allowed to teach ex education to their students in simple to understand language, as in “good touch”, “bad touch.”

If parents, church and government don’t want children exposed to sex education in the schools, then the parent had better start educating their children in the home. Children have to be taught the dangers and told to “Run tell somebody” in the event they are put in an uncomfortable situation from an adult or older friend; cousin or family member.
I truly believe that authenticity and transparency is the new “Black” in the lives of women in regards to the decisions they make. It’s time for us to “run tell that”, whatever that truth may be, in order for positive change to occur.

thtoldIf you have a story to tell that can help another person make positive choices/changes in their lives, by all means use the platform of social media to share your story, without fear of reprimand. This is your life. Do what resonates in your heart. Write and publish your book, chapbook, poems, short stories and stand up for what you know ,as you’ve lived it, walked it and came out on the other side to become victorious over it.
I was crowned ‘victor’ of the fight
Then the rains came
They splashed upon my senses and clouded my mind
It became hard for me
To hold on
to that sacred lifeline…
I grabbed hold with my left hand
held fast with my right
prayed to the lord who loves me
Let me make it another night
I won’t let go,
I can’t let go!
Slowly my vision cleared
my mind became like new.
I awoke to the land of the living
as if darkness I never knew.
I shouted my pleasure to the world
The world of darkness and light
For I was back in the land
of the living,
Crowned “Victor” of the fight. CF

Forms of Abuse:
Child abuse sexual and domestic
Domestic Violence & Spousal abuse against women (men in rare instances)
Bullying children on school grounds and social media
Workplace Abuse (usually employer towards employee)
Racial profiling that often leads to victim’s death
Gender Bashing

Verbal and Emotional abuse

If you are recovering from and fighting back against abuse and the stigma of abuse (you should never feel embarrassed to seek professional help), please share your progress in the comment section. You are courageous and you got this!

Remember to always treat yourself special .





When You Know Your Calling…

nature-concept-with-green-tree_z17h-qPd Happy Tuesday, Visionary Women!

I love this quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul. Listen to that inner voice, and don’t get to the end of your life and say, ‘What if my whole life has been wrong?”

There has been an uprising of late from people asking;

Why am I here?

How will I recognize God’s purpose at work in my life?

I’ve come to know his purpose that had manifested in the core of my being since I was a girl, but it was not fully recognized, or embraced until I reached adulthood.  I was only eleven years old, growing up in a segregated Jim Crow that was the insidious cancer plaguing black folks in the South, when my dreams of change began. I knew at a young age, this way of life wasn’t to be the “be-all end-all” for people of color.
I knew I wanted to bring awareness and utilize those experiences in some aspect to help empower social and humane change. I also knew I wanted to speak up for the “underdog,” those men, women, children and the elderly, who for whatever reason could not speak for themselves!

If you are questioning your calling and wondering why you are here; listen to your inner-being, the place where spirit waits in anticipation, for the emergence of your spiritually awakened and authentic self.

I have been fortunate in that I’ve had a passion for writing since for as long as I can remember. Among other ventures, writing has allowed me to put into practice my soul purpose, which is to empower the voice in women, so that they will not be afraid to stand in their truths. Finding your purpose involves listening to your heart and using your gifts to help right the wrongs you see in the world-in whatever capacity your God-given talent and gifts allow.

If you are confused about your purpose,  have faith and believe in yourself. Trust that God’s purpose for you is at work in your life and you will come to know the “why” of your existence in due time. I am passionate about my passions and I’m compelled by my purpose as I write to empower the voice in other women. I am here to engage the importance of the “woman”story as it will be the catalyst that encourages and empower women to speak their truth, stand against injustice; be better and do better, for themselves, for their families and for other people.

free_230011I use my voice and my informational writings to empower women to empower themselves. As you read my truths, consider sharing your own. There is someone out there who needs to hear your ‘speak’. Don’t be afraid to step out of that place of complacency to begin the work the good Lord called you to do. When you can clearly define what speaks to you, what motivates you and what service you provide that brings you immense joy-your path to reawakening has begun. Ring! your purpose is calling.

Remember to always treat yourself special. Stay praised up in prayer and focused on your purpose journey. Keep going, even when you feel like giving up. It’ okay to be human-we’re not perfect beings.  Now, I know that reality is a bitter pill for you perfectionists to swallow 🙂

I’m going off the grid until mid September. You know how to reach me in a pinch, either via my LinkedIn, email or P. O. Box… all contact info available on my Contact page.


You Can Retrain Your Brain And Change Your Life

thbrainHappy Monday, women warriors! Men are not excluded from this post because what I’m called to share can be beneficial to their emotional, physical and mental well-being as well, and it all begins with how you train your brain.

We all know that the mind is a terrible thing to waste, right? but did you also know that by training your brain to think positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts, you can obtain a clear attitude adjustment and live a more self affirming and fulfilling lifestyle? Well, you can and I’m living proof of that.

In 2012, as some of you may know, I ended my 30 decade (and counting) nursing career. What you might not know is that I had no choice. I went to work every day, feeling overwhelmed and deflated by what I knew to be a lack of people “caring” in Healthcare; knowledge that would cause me to suffer physically, mentally and emotionally.

I’ve always prided myself on being a strength in times of trouble. Now, I was in trouble, but I refused to give up. Call me stoic and old-fashioned, but for me, taking a nurses oath to care for patients with empathy and compassion, kept me anchored in the performance of my duties, which I carried out with respect and dignity throughout my career. My work ethic endeared me to my patients and them to me.

As a perceptive person, with the intuitive gift of knowing, I became bewildered by how some doctors and nursing supervisors viewed their positions, in regards to their patients. For all intent and purposes, the duty of caring for and returning patients to their best maximum health, seemed to take a back seat to chasing patient assets and keeping a sharp eye on the paper trail of supply and demand; while trimming the fat where applicable.

Let’s be clear, Healthcare is a business. At the end of the day, people have to be paid for their services.  Hospitals and healthcare facilities need its revenue to remain viable. That fact aside, I, as the nurse felt that the patient had somehow become the cash cow and healthcare and its employees had taken a nose dive. I’m not diminishing the value of nurses and doctors who are truly caring, compassionate souls, but, for me,  being in the hostile environment I was working in, the feeling that those compassionate people were quickly becoming null and void, rested uncomfortably in my heart.

Needless to say, my departure from nursing wasn’t a pleasant memory. I might have gone on holding a negative distrust against the state of nursing and healthcare in general, had I not taken a look into my soul and re-trained my brain to stay on the positives of life saving skills that doctors and nurses perform on the daily/24/7 in their professions-all over the world.

As with any profession, there’s bound to be those whose objective for being present is based on their own agendas and not those they serve. I was one of those nurses who felt helpless and powerless at how compassion and caring no longer seemed the impetus for operating a great place in Healthcare. The time came where I no longer wanted to be associated with people who seemed oblivious to what really matters in life.

Let me state for the record that what transpired in the medical facilities where I worked, eventually became catalysts of change that caused me to leave the profession. I cannot say all hospital’s doctors, administrators and nursing personnel suck at what they do, or perform their duties in a perfunctory manner. I cannot even fathom that to be true, overall. I can only tell you about my nursing experiences during the last ten years of my life. Those years left me feeling helpless, drained and weeping tears of sorrow, disbelief and disillusionment.The Florence Nightingale nursing persona had truly left my beloved career choice.

thfree mindToday, my life is good. I live a life free from unbridled anger, hurt and disillusion. Because I’ve retrained my brain to stay on the positives that living life experiences brings, my mental and physical health is brighter. You have to believe that good always triumphs over bad.

I share my truths in hopes that you find the strength to let go of bad stuff that can eat at your heart and make you cold. Stay positive and stay prayerful. Make a change if you must, but, know that you can make yourself better by retraining your brain to let the negatives go and usher in positive thoughts of healing…

Always treat yourself special:)

What Do You Want?

thcareerHello, women of substance! I hope your Monday was productive in some small way. I went to my dental appointment to get a cleaning and oral cancer exam. Happy to report  all is well:) I had been contemplating on posting the question, “What Do You Want?”for some time, but always thought I’d better not, thinking how that question has been asked often enough. But, I came home from my appointment and checked my emails, only to find this long letter from a woman who assured me she wasn’t a hoax or spammer, as she indicated to me by her attached resume.

It seemed Rena (not her name) had recently been let go of a long time job in accounting  where she was in a management position. Rena said she’d lost her passion for what she’d done  for so many years, but that she always loved helping people with their money, finances and business related problems.

Rena sought me out because she’d read some of my authentic woman story and she, too, had a passion for writing and wanted to give it a try. Rena asked how she should proceed. How many of us can relate? We spend the first half of our lives working in a sustainable job, only to lose it when the company goes bankrupt or make an economic decision to downsize and lay off their employees.

Rena no longer have a passion for the job and is about to embark upon a journey to reawakening to her truths; a journey that requires change and change can be scary. Rena is passionate about wanting to explore her love for writing, but she wants to hear from someone whose been down that path. She wants reassurance from someone (Me) to tell her it’s possible for her to make good on her passion.thlife change

Rena is not just about to change her career, she’s going to begin a path that will lead to a life change. I’m sure she is doing a lot of research on writing related topics. I’m hoping she makes a decision to use her gifts that includes offering services in financial matters to others who lack the skills she has when dealing with money matters.

Women who are about to embark upon a journey of change must ask the hard question, that only she can answer.”What Do You Want?”

“I want to do good in the world and make a sustainable living doing it!” C.F.

“To Thine Own Self Be True.” And always treat yourself special.