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CHICAGO, IL — AUGUST 24, 2012 – How does one maintain their own identity and follow their dreams, without being overshadowed by reality television and social media? Through studying the journey of a woman who has mastered the art of authenticity. Authentic Women Networks is pleased to announce the release of A Life Toward Authenticity — My Authentic Woman Story.

“A Life Toward Authenticity — My Authentic Woman Story is a valuable and an inspiring source of guidance and empowerment. It encourages women to live and walk in their truths,” says Clara Freeman, author and founder of Authentic Women Networks. Freeman’s release is a peek into her past life – from surviving in the Mississippi Delta to braving the streets of  Chicago — where she tore down blockades in order to find herself and maximize her life.

The ” steps, to ladders, to bridges” is outlined throughout “A Life Toward Authenticity — My Authentic Woman Story, including Clara’s account of facing bureaucracy as she became the voice for the underdog. The eBook is ready for download on Nook, Kindle and can be ordered on the author’s page on at

Through email messages, consultations, in-person sessions and more Authentic Woman serves as the ultimate mentor-ship which meets the needs of its clients. AW is founded by Clara Freeman, who leverages over three decades of experience to provide an expert’s point-of-view when it comes to child abuse, workplace bullying conflicts and other issues affecting women in their daily lives.

This includes: an eBook, A Life Toward Authenticity–My Authentic Woman Story, a book of poetry, Home Sometimes Is A Lonely Place, Newspaper articles , strategic writings for,, and a mentoring program to encourage women from all walks of life. on how to embrace their best authentic lives


Clara Freeman Selected As a “Top-Idea Maven” by The Woman’s Advantage®
Entrepreneur’s Advice Featured in 2015 Woman’s Advantage® Calendar


Clara Freeman Women’s Empowerment Coach of Authentic Woman Networks was selected from over 5,000 submissions to be featured in The 2015 Woman’s Advantage® Shared Wisdom Calendar. The calendar provides advice for women business owners from influential women leaders across the US and around the world.

Mary Cantando, Growth Expert of The Woman’s Advantage®, today announced that Clara Freeman’s advice has been included in the calendar which was released on September 20.

“Clara Freeman’s quote was selected because it was powerful yet easy to understand. Her idea is relevant to almost every woman in business today.” says Cantando. “Women business owners and those who dream of starting a business will learn so much from the advice provided by Clara and the other successful women quoted in the calendar.”

The Woman’s Advantage 2015 Calendar provides sound bites of advice on key business issues including: organization, promotion, sales, and human resources.

About Clara Freeman
Clara Freeman, an activist and advocate of women voices, is a former nurse with over thirty years of experience in healthcare, people skills and problem solving. Her work has been shared in magazines, newspapers and via online motivational venues. She mentors and motivates women on their journey to living and walking in an authentic life of passion and purpose.

About Mary Cantando:
Mary Cantando, am internationally-recognized expert on women business owners, is the developer of the Woman’s Advantage® line of products, geared specifically to women entrepreneurs. Cantando is Founder of The Woman’s Advantage® Forum, an international program that helps women build multimillion-dollar businesses.

About The Woman’s Advantage®:
The Woman’s Advantage® is a line of information products, including books, workbooks, audio CDs, and calendars designed exclusively for successful women business owners. The Woman’s Advantage® Forum enable women with small businesses to grow them into multimillion-dollar concerns. For more information, call 919-841-0401 or visit

News Facts:
• Clara Freeman was selected as a “Top-Idea Maven” by The Woman’s Advantage. Her quote appears in the 2013 Woman’s Advantage Calendar.
• The Woman’s Advantage® Calendar provides daily advice on key business issues including: organization, promotion, sales, and human resources.




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