What People Must Do To Repair Broken~Trust


“The greatness of America is the right to protest for right” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Happy Monday, women warriors! Today marks the celebration and 88th birthday of our nation’s most iconic civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King and other distinguished leaders such as John Lewis, Jessie Jackson, Rev.  Ralph Abernathy, Andrew Young, Harry Belafonte and a host of civil rights activists spent their lives fighting against segregation, Jim Crow Laws and racial hate and injustice in their efforts to end discrimination and racial unrest among America’s people.  So, in honor of this great man and all that he stood for, I wonder what better way to honor the legacy of Dr. King and the men and women who fought and died for the rights of all, than to proclaim our rights as citizens of The United States Of America… use our platform and our voices to shine a spotlight on injustice, bring awareness and encourage communication and accountability with the common goal of implementing a resurgence of the change that will bring about a greater, inclusive America for all? It’s good that more celebs are using their platforms to help demand accountability and bring positive change. The great news is you don’t have to be famous to make your voice heard and make a difference.

Racism and race division is old news, worn like a ragged pair of socks that keeps turning up in the rinse and repeat wash cycle.  If we want a better world for ourselves, our families and future generations, we have to stand together and fight the great fight to overturn racism and hatred like the great leaders of days gone by. Racism is alive and thriving, as evident by all of this social media race division brought to light during a contingent new election process where a man who literally speaks from a tongue laced with acidic narratives and race baiting innuendoes will become America’s next president, bringing within his administration, people whose backgrounds are questionable and perplexing to the masses.

On this day going forward, let us focus on repairing the ills of a daunting 2016, deemed as the year of distrust, tragedy and protest  by implementing personal, spiritual and professional growth through communication, conversation and understanding . Although we can never forget the loss of life in the past year, let’s work on forgiving those who trespass against us, embrace those who stand with us and refuse to back down from those who wrongly oppose us. Let’s look within ourselves to find that moral compass that governs our humanity where we show empathy and compassion for our fellow-man/woman.

In order for the world to heal and repair America’s broken people, we must forgive and keep standing. “When they go low, we go high.”  First lady Michelle Obama.

These are my thoughts, written in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday on what people must do in this environment of division and distrust, in order to repair, grow and heal in 2017. I invite your input.

Keep Ascending!








Sometimes We Listen-

Happy Monday… women of authenticity!

This speak touched my spirit and makes it yearn for better ‘humane’ days. I’m delighted to share this authentic woman voice with all of you.



Are You Brave Enough?


You have to be brave to serve others. Are you brave enough to answer to your calling? When faced with the opinions and doubts of others, sometimes we waver in our calling. We tend to think we’re not the one to do what needs to be done; to make a difference in the life of another human being. It’s not easy being brave in the storm of critics, non believers, naysayers, haters and your own acts of self-sabotage.


You know when you’re not embracing/using your gifts or living from your authentic truths and soul purpose. You can’t hide from the person you are meant to be. In this one physical life we have here on this one physical plane, we have to step up, be brave and accept God’s grace through his blessing us. Maya Angelou said we must be a rainbow in another person’s cloud. My mission is clear. I am a rainbow and I’m willing to use my gifts to help you rise up and walk into your purpose and possibility.

Time is wasting and you’re wasting time. Don’t worry or manifest the negatives that rear up to hinder you in your purpose. Acknowledge it, feel it and let it go… Be brave and return to the center where your true “self” abides; Reclaim your power and carry on with your assignment. Share your gifts. Be authentic in sharing your truths.

When you know who you are and whose you are, you will seek to serve others. Don’t allow your purpose to fester from the wounds of apathy, fear, and doubt. Start now, in some small way to use what the Good Lord gave you. Be brave, step up and do the work you’ve been called to do. Remember, you’re never alone on your journey to living and serving others from an authentic and favored life.

When you began to use your gifts to motivate, empower, educate and inspire others to be the best person they can ever hope to become, you will be blessed exponentially!


Treat yourself special!

Defining Your Authentic “Truth”

Apple Banana Pancakes with Maple Syrup
Image by joana hard via Flickr

Since 2004, I’ve been on a journey of becoming “me”. In essence, I’m redefining, rediscovering and reaffirming the woman I am. It’s what Kathryn Brehony, the clinical psychotherapist and author of Awakening At Midlife, calls a ” reawakening.” It’s like you’ve been sleepwalking through your life in your 20s, 30s and even 40s, to wake up one day and discover there’s so much more to the person you are.

At 20, truth be told, I could care less about the meaning of authenticity, or some journey to rediscovering my truth. my purpose and meaning that God had planned for my life. It was about experiencing all of the wonders that being out in the world had to offer. At 30 something, it was about putting my wants & needs aside as I concentrated on children, spouse, family,friends, and maintaining a sense of job security.

In my mid-40s  recently divorced and an empty-nester, I found myself literally asking “Is this all there is for me”? “”Is this who I am?” I was in search of finding my truth and thus, the journey began to becoming me. I’m up early to respond to some questions I find people have as they make their way to this blog , I’m assuming, in search of defining their “authenticity”. Folks search for:

1. The meaning of authenticity

2.How to become an authentic woman

3.The authentic woman experience…

First of all, there’s no special class for discovering your personal ‘truth.’ Your JOURNEY ultimately becomes your reawakening from living and learning from your own life experiences. By being present in the moments of life. Experiencing and surviving the good, bad and ugly of  life and by knowing that you are spiritual, yet, you’re  living a human existence, you will come to know your purpose. You will find your meaning and discover your  passion along the way.

Webster defines authenticity as worthy of acceptance or belief. Not imagining, false, or, imitation. You become genuine, bona fide, like the maple in maple syrup (webster again) and the brand name instead of generic (my analogy)) anyway you slice it, when you embark upon your journey, you’ll know it and embrace it wholeheartedly.

P.S. I’m off to breakfast in a couple of hours with like-minded friends. We’re celebrating the fact that we don’t have to work today and we can gorge ourselves, just because! Feel free to share your journey to truth.



Lessons In Humility…

Mother Nature
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Weeding through some works from back in the days of fashioning myself a “poet” as I’ve mentioned in previous posts:) I found a Christmas card given to me by another poet. After reading the card, I became really humbled by it and I’ll tell you why in a bit. The card led me to make a list of all the things I’m humbled by. Here goes: 

1 Childbirth

2. Death. Transitioning into death. The face of grief…

3. GOD

4.Innocence/Trust children have which can sometimes lead to abuse &

 their violent demise.

5. Wisdom of the elderly

6. Mother Nature- her beauty & her devastation

7. Praise

And then, there are the folks who have done & continue to do great things, without an ulterior motive. The card that brought this post about came from a young poet who was new to the city. I’d invited her to come to a poetry reading & share her work. She did and her work was fantastic! The card reads, in part:

“I was lost in a world without words. I had forgotten them. You invited me into your world of words I had forgotten and helped me find myself.”

Women of authencity, what are you humbled by?

A Woman’s Intuition


Recently LeBron James, the basketball-er, MVP and Olympic Gold Medalist decided to sign with Miami, leaving his fans in his hometown of  Cleveland Ohio angry and disappointed. He stated in a post- deciding interview with Robin Roberts of GMA , how Warren Buffet’s great advice helped him make a decision when it came to choosing the team he would prefer to play with after his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers ended.

That great advice from one of the richest men in the world? “Follow your gut.”

For men, the natural flow of things can be liken to a gut feeling, whereas for women, it’s usually based upon an innate knowing of a thing which allows us to “follow our first mind” in some of our important decision making. What is it about this intuitive & unexplained sensory perception that has led us in many “right” directions?

Back when I fashioned myself a “poet”. I was given the descriptive honor of being labeled an “intuitive” poet by one fan of my work. At the time I liken the meaning to someone who has a certain “feel” for their work. I’d always written from an emotional standpoint anyway when it came to my poems, so, it just felt right to go with the title at the time.

Intuition, in my mind, is something closely akin to having “faith”. It is the acceptance of thing unseen,yet clearly witnessed by the human eye.  After all, the phrase, “a woman’s intuition” wasn’t uttered for naught… I’m sort of digging the whole intuitive process. It has led me to more joys than disappointments on my journey to authenticity. I know that I will continue to “follow my gut” . It is what it is.

How about you women on a journey to self-awareness? Do you embrace your intuitive self?

Do share your experiences.

And always treat yourself special:)


When Women Are Hurting…

When women experience pain, who can they trust enough to share their deepest feelings of hurt, confusion and questions of uncertainty? Those of us who can find a caring spouse, a family member/friend or,significant other is truly fortunate to have someone there they can rely on and who “have their back”…  

I’ve found in most cases in talks with women experiencing pain, oftentimes, they seek out their peers/women who have been down the road to experience that heartbreak or loss. It’s akin to having a kindred spirit to confide in.

 How many of us are relunctant to actually talk to our spouses about our pain in hopes they’d actually ‘get it?’ Not to down play the significant role men play in the circle of showing compassion, it’s just sometimes when women hurt, it’s a woman thing. 

I have a friend who is hurting. She is in pain. It’s a given that she has a supportive husband, but, she’s asking questions out of frustration, fear and sadness. When a woman speaks to another woman about her pain, her truth sometimes becomes “theirs”. Women who have experienced pain and survived the journey to recovery often feels the pain of another and can share constructive healing points because they’ve been there and can empathize.

Hoping you’re there when called upon to listen, share, encourage, sympathize and show empathy when a woman/women in your circle are hurting…

P.S. Off to Florida for a bit of family reconnection and R&R. Have a great and purpose filled week!