Sowing Seeds Of Holiday Cheer!

Happy Holidays, women of compassion! With Christmas just over the horizon nearing the last week of 2016, I hope you all can appreciate a great year of perseverance, hope and resilience. I also want to wish all of you an abundance of joy, peace, good health and prosperity the coming new year and beyond! This post is a bit different because I’m asking everyone to join me in sowing a bit of holiday cheer to my good friend and colleague, Ms. Evelyn Cogdell, who has been a bit under the weather these last months. Some of you might not know this, but Evelyn reached out to me in 2014 to ask if I’d like to collaborate with her on her new book. I gladly accepted and we had a blast.

On a recent conversation, however, I learned that book sales were a bit disappointing for this prolific author, which happens from time to time, but I know Evelyn is not as productive as she’d like to be. I believe in this book. It’s one of those undiscovered diamonds in the rough. The Essence of Romance is a little book of value that is gravely undervalued. It is in parts, witty, serious and informative and it holds some of “my” best work 🙂

If you’re in a serious relationship and you want to keep the flames burning brighter or even if you seek to start a flicker of a flame this holiday season going forward, you must grab a copy of this book! Help me to encourage Evelyn and bring a smile to this spirit filled warrior woman’s face this holiday season by purchasing a copy of The Essence of Romance at or feel free to send tidings of joy and recovery to Evelyn in the comment section.

Always treat yourself special and remember,”Tis the season!”

The Essence of Romance






Why You Should Drink From Every Cup

Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.” — Paulo Coelho

Monday Blessings, to all women of substance! So, although I like a nice chilled pinot grigio or chardonnay, I’m definitely not a wine connoisseur, but I thought Paulo Coelho analogy for doing what you love and tackling your passions full on, was appropriate for today’s post.

What wines are you indulging in these days? Are you drinking the whole bottle? I’ve been super busy since returning from my family reunion and I’m attempting to write smarter as opposed to harder. I invite you to indulge me in my newest wine tasting ventures that I share in appreciation since my last posting. In the mornings when I rise, I always thank the lord for another day of life’s blessings, in that I’m doing what brings me joy.

I’m blessed to feel aligned with purpose, possibility and opportunity. I’m humbled and excited to share that my work to empower the voice in women (men as well) has been accepted as a monthly column in ME! Magazine. I serve as one of the magazine’s lifestyle strategists. So cool 🙂 

This is my second column for their June issue. All issues of the magazine are free, so when you visit the site, pick up the May issue with my column debut. The July issue is out on the 16th of the month.

The  economic decline of 2006-2009, took a drastic toil on nearly every household in America. But, I was  devastated to learn that the demographic most affected were single black mothers head of households. The median wealth divide between women of color versus their white counterparts, was vast and disheartening, which in turn, caused me to write an article about the dire situation and offer practical tips to wealth gaining that might have been overlooked by the those suffering the most- African-American women.

You can find that article here:

Finally, I get to add a face to The Essence of Romance, the relationship guide for Christian singles and couples, I co-authored with Chicago Author and friend, Ms. Evelyn Cogdell: The Essence of Romance

Our blog-talk radio interview about the book is here:

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy in support of our first author collaboration, shoot me an email.

So tell me about your wine. Are you tasting, sipping or drinking the whole bottle?

Stay Golden!

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“The secret to success is not in pursuing large goals. It is in pursuing the small ones which lead to the larger ones.”

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Good Morning, warrior women! Well, I failed to speak inspirational messages to you all as usual on Monday, because I spent the better half of the day prepping for a guest appearance on Dub WyZe TaLk, which airs nightly on blog-talk radio. My friend and colleague, Evelyn Cogdell and I were invited on the show by Judah Stallworth, owner and host of Dub WyZe TaLk, to talk about our latest collaboration, “The Essence of Romance.”

This latest book from Evelyn is a must have dating/relationship guide for couples and singles looking to form a meaningful, trusting and loving relationship with their significant other- by bypassing red flags and the usual angst’s that comes with relationship hookups and breakups.

Between the two of us, Evelyn and I have taken our relationship wisdom that comes from living and learning from life experiences, along with researched data and statistical findings from sex therapists, celebrity relationship experts and wise things our mothers told us, to produce a great source of inspiration, education and food for thought for everyone in the dating age demographic. 

ESSENCE surpasses race, religion and cultural differences, as it examines the pros and cons of relationships. In other words, this book is the real deal and I hope that all of you grab a copy in support of its success 🙂

The above quote on success felt right for me to share with all of you. I define success in my personal and professional life by each small step that I take on my mission to serve and I feel this book will find success. When Evelyn Cogdell asked if I would collaborate with her on her latest book, I said yes, because I know she felt called to share her truths that could possibly help or heal another person.

If you are passionate and compassionate about your purpose, your personal gratification in the form of achievement will come with each small step you take in the right direction!

If you’re interested in obtaining a copy of Essence of Romance, purchase information is shared by the author on the interview. Peace and blessing. And remember to always treat yourself special.