Sowing Seeds Of Holiday Cheer!

Happy Holidays, women of compassion! With Christmas just over the horizon nearing the last week of 2016, I hope you all can appreciate a great year of perseverance, hope and resilience. I also want to wish all of you an abundance of joy, peace, good health and prosperity the coming new year and beyond! This post is a bit different because I’m asking everyone to join me in sowing a bit of holiday cheer to my good friend and colleague, Ms. Evelyn Cogdell, who has been a bit under the weather these last months. Some of you might not know this, but Evelyn reached out to me in 2014 to ask if I’d like to collaborate with her on her new book. I gladly accepted and we had a blast.

On a recent conversation, however, I learned that book sales were a bit disappointing for this prolific author, which happens from time to time, but I know Evelyn is not as productive as she’d like to be. I believe in this book. It’s one of those undiscovered diamonds in the rough. The Essence of Romance is a little book of value that is gravely undervalued. It is in parts, witty, serious and informative and it holds some of “my” best work ūüôā

If you’re in a serious relationship and you want to keep the flames burning brighter or even if you seek to start a flicker of a flame this holiday season going forward, you must grab a copy of this book! Help me to encourage Evelyn and bring a smile to this spirit filled warrior woman’s face this holiday season by purchasing a copy of The Essence of Romance at or feel free to send tidings of joy and recovery to Evelyn in the comment section.

Always treat yourself special and remember,”Tis the season!”

The Essence of Romance





Lest We Forget:Simple Things Oftentimes Brightens…

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As Christmas ends and¬†the New Year begins,¬†some of us also¬†returned to¬†somewhat of a¬† normal weekly¬†routine, inclusive of returning to work if we’ve been lucky enough to have spent the¬†Xmas Day off. Such was the case for me. I spent my¬†Holiday listening to soft spiritual¬†instrumentals… Christmas songs by Louie Armstrong and Andrea Bocelli. I even popped in some robust¬†country by Darius Rucker as I went about¬†preparing turkey¬†& dressing with the trimmings¬†for my family. It was a great day in and of itself. I was happy to be home, comfortable in my comfort zone as I immersed myself in my “wholeness”

I returned to work¬† my day job on Saturday,¬†quickly¬†stepping back into my “nurse” mode…There are all sorts of challenges on a job where you’re dealing with the comfort & well being of others and true to form, I came home on Saturday evening completely exhausted. I barely had the stamina to check my emails, but when I did,¬†my spirits instantly lifted. There was a loving¬†message from a¬† someone & it made me feel, well, “special.”¬†

Sunday, I returned to my nursing duties. Again feeling drained after a long day of constant movement, I checked my emails & again, there was a beautiful sentiment to lift my spirits…I suppose I wanted to share with my readers how just one¬†simple act¬†,or kind¬†thing you¬† impart to another can¬†stretch a¬†mile wide. The aftermath of your actions causing¬†good vibrations and brightens¬†what could have been just another¬†humdrum day, or, two!¬† The message is to simply think of others & please people,¬†be kind…

Happy Holidays To All Women Of Authenticity!