Regular Women Can Become Champions

f04da2db1122143adac462 When I was growing up under the hostile environment of a Southern Jim Crow in the 50s and 60s, my one thought was that someday I would leave that place and find my own place in the world where I would use my voice to speak for the “underdog”; those people who were treated unfairly and dismissed in the world as being insignificant and inconsequential. What I’ve realized after over 4 decades of helping others bring awareness to the importance of stepping up and speaking out against injustice in any shape, form or fashion, is this:

The freedom to” be” war rages on as children are crying in the streets for a safe place to run and play in many underprivileged inner-city neighborhoods. They are forgotten by the economic greed system of government that robs them of their schools, access to healthy foods and healthcare and steals the joy in their souls as they watch the helpless frustration on the faces of their parents who become victimized by media reports, workplace minimum wage, and police brutality. Women voices are so critically needed in the fray of what truth living is truly about in our cities and on our Urban streets.

Marcie Hill of, spends a lot of time on the south-side of Chicago, hosting workshops for school children and their parents on the ins and outs of social media use that’s so important in the world of technology.  She also shares insights that the media omits in television news about positive happenings in the inner city via her blog.

Vau’ve Anais Davis of, offers her services and volunteers with several urban organizations to make a difference in the lives of others. She works with a West-side Chicago restaurant that cooks delicious and nutritious meals on a daily basis to help feed the hungry on Chicago streets. The restaurant “TurkeyChop”, located at 3506 West Chicago Ave, is open Monday through Sunday noon to 3pm. Interested parties please call (773) 384-2500 for information on hot healthy meals.

I became aware of Nina Thomas Pendleton of Nina Motivates and the work she does with children after a Facebook connect. Nina is a young woman who uses her faith in her business as CEO of T.O.U.C.H. where her inspirational ministry “Touching Others Using Christ Help” is the motivation behind the classes she teaches on self-esteem, love for God-given gifts and self-value. I’m really encouraged with the work Nina does with teens and preteens, as well as adults. Motivating others to recognize and embrace their gifts is the recurring and positive message behind Nina Motivates U.

There are many women whose voices make a difference in the lives of others. These women are ordinary folks with families, struggles and challenges. Women with a fire in their souls that burns with an innate passion and purpose that continues to push them forward in their mission to accomplishing small steps leading to doing great things. Everyone working hard to make a positive change deserves to be recognized for their contributions to society’s people.

My purpose at Authentic Woman is to bring women voices to the forefront and allow them to shine in their passion and purpose, inspire other women to step up and step out of fear and sameness and step into the power and glory of living out their legacy. We can use our voices for positives in the world, create change and provide a living for ourselves and our families while servicing others. It’s time to become champion of your purpose, walk in your truths and pay it forward in authenticity and gratitude.
Women of authenticity,you don’t have to be famous to be a champion.

Authentic women continue to treat yourself special.