People Are Talking…

Since its inception in 2008,  Authentic Woman has garnered many awards and made countless friendships worldwide; inclusive in the women circle of voice and purpose.  Below are just some of the comments & support Authentic Woman received.

Clara, my experience with your column has been positive and has served to enlighten my associates and myself. Keeping us informed about issues regarding women’s, health and well being, and alerting us to the latest up coming written work. you have been an important resource to by small business.

Not only is you blog informative, but it is also inspiring. you have an insight into the plight of woman across the country that is uncanny. you have been generous in your support of our non-profit organization, by helping us to get the word out about events, books signings and just unselfish sharing of information. You are a valuable resource to all women in our community and I salute you! Darlene Green,

Thanks for helping me to become AUTHENTICALLY me.  Shorty, Your South Side Resource

Your light shines so brightly in this world and we are honored to have you in our lives. May you find joy, abundance, and all that you desire this year! Team at

You are a true inspiration to others.  Shawn Chavis, Editor & Chief of Bronze Magazine

Nicole Thomas, CEO of Mirror Mirror Magazine- Thanks again for your dedication and hardwork!

Oh Clara
This is just beautiful! I was feeling like things were insurmountable today & this email gave me back my fighting spirit! Thanks sister. I feel your peace & blessings across the miles.
Pat Mckinzie , basketball trailblazer and author of  Home Sweet Hardwood


Compassion, attentive listening and the ability to develop a quick, warm rapport with others were constantly demonstrated through Clara’s classroom discussions and presentations.  Sonya Carmichael Jones- Marketing Expert & Business Owner

Reading A Life Toward Authenticity is like being embraced in a sister’s warm hug. Book Reviewer

This is such an uplifting story about finding yourself and moving forward after an unexpected divorce. The author’s experience is what many women encounter–leaving home, finding love, getting married young and then having children followed by tumultuous times ending in divorce. The difference is how the author faced this turning point with courage and found a way to reclaim her life after her marriage. Good for her and all women that are able to get their own lives back after a painful relationship/marriage.

‘Second Time Around’ contributing  personal essay to the book,”Reflection From Women On Life’s Turning Points” authored by Terri S. Nelson

Mary Cantando, Growth Expert of The Woman’s Advantage®, today announced that Clara Freeman’s advice has been included in the calendar which was released on September 20.

“Clara Freeman’s quote was selected because it was powerful yet easy to understand. Her idea is relevant to almost every woman in business today.” says Cantando. “Women business owners and those who dream of starting a business will learn so much from the advice provided by Clara and the other successful women quoted in the calendar.”

I credit people like you for holding up some of us who aren’t quite brave enough–until we can stand fully on our own.  Your place in my garden is in a vibrant red corner that gives me a feeling of hope when I look at it. Thank you for that. ♥Mandy’s “HEROES IN MY GARDEN”


Clara, as usual, thanks so much for encouraging me to be my true, authentic self. Marcie Hill

You have a great website that’s very interesting, with valuable information, appealing to a diverse audience and a powerful platform- Andre West, Owner DreamQuestOne

Amazon Review of Unleash Your Pearls Empowering Women’s Voices-2017:

Clara’s story is one that deserves a far wiser audience.

While she will likely never achieve fame, or win the National Book Award, it is precisely her being, and therefore giving real voice to the underdog, that makes this worth reading.

Every person (male or female) who thinks that they cannot make a difference, that they have no Great Gift to give to the world, needs to read this.

Bless you, Clara, for your inspiring life of leadership!



Thanks for helping me to become AUTHENTICALLY me.
Thanks for helping me to become AUTHENTICALLY me.
Thanks for helping me to become AUTHENTICALLY me.
Thanks for helping me to become AUTHENTICALLY me.
Thanks for helping me to become AUTHENTICALLY me.

Thanks for helping me to become AUTHENTICALLY me.

Thanks for helping me to become AUTHENTICALLY me.
Thanks for helping me to become AUTHENTICALLY me.

2 thoughts on “People Are Talking…

  1. Clare, sometimes we stumble because we can’t see what’s in front of us. I want to thank you for sharing your extraordinary work. Authentic Women is undoubtedly a wonderful place for us women to hang out at.


    • Camilla, I appreciate your gracious comment. Thank you for stopping in to hang with us for a while:) Your work is beautiful- just saw your video “Nothing Better”. What a jam!
      Blessings to you.


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