A Time for Introspection

4 Jul

th blue waters Have you ever witnessed the emergence of a rainbow? I’m reminded of my childhood and the feeling of wonder that came over me when an awesome splash of color appeared like magic in a clear blue sky,  after a  summer rain. Those country rainbows amazed and humbled me at the same time. In my young mind, I thought God must be really something to create such awesome beauty!

The rainbow reminds me of God’s benevolent presence and his everlasting love. It signals a time out for me to embrace introspection, spiritual reawakening,  affirmation and self-examination. I am listening to the intuitive messages from the universe and will be extending my hiatus until August, so that I can learn the lessons and become a better servant to all of you.

Knowledge is power and power comes from understanding who we are and what our purpose is in the only life we’ve been given. I want to help you empower your woman power and live your best life ever!

Peace and Blessings to all of you and have a safe and memorable Fourth of July with family and love ones. Make time to embrace and “Be” present in his AWESOMENESS!

Where’s Your Faith?

2 Jun

thdark times“Sometimes you look out upon the world and think how every great thing that’s happening is happening not to you, but to someone else. It’s in those times of a self-imposed pity-party that you call upon spirit to re-ignite your faith”
I recently wrote this message of encouragement to myself, during one of those moments when I had to have a one on one “where you at?” conversation with God. It’s because stuff kept hitting the fan and I was getting tired from trying to put out the fires. Sometimes when we try to ‘fix’ our own stuff we can’t see the beauty of the sun rising just above the horizon. So, we keep searching for answers, becoming perplexed; wondering why the good lord hadn’t responded to our RSVP’s.
Recently, the world lost a faith-based woman of God who always used her wisdom of living and learning from the realities of life experiences, to shed light on the hopeless and to offer up enriching words of comfort and courage. Dr. Maya Angelou reminded us all to be a rainbow in somebody’s cloud. And what better time for us to do good service for others than when we’re mired in our own stuff?
When you reach out to extend a helping hand to someone else, suddenly your troubles seem not so large. I truly believe that sowing seeds causes God to smile in our direction. I feel him whispering “Well done my good and faithful servant well done.”
When you fall down, refuse to stay down. Fight the funk of negativity and cheer on the sweetness of positive and possibility. Trust and believe in whose you are. I challenge you to embrace your faith, cast out the negative energy in your life and stand in reverence and obedience to the awesome goodness that is the Almighty. Keep being a rainbow.
I’m on hiatus until July.
Peace and Blessings,

A Special Veteran Remembrance of Thanks

26 May

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy Memorial Day to all! If you know a veteran and even if you don’t know him or her and you’re in their presence, give them a hug of gratitude – just because.  A slogan of war reads “We don’t know, we weren’t there.” And that’s so true, but we oftentimes get to witness the aftermath and when we do, we are forever changed.

I was a young nurse working on the Medical/Surgical unit of a Chicago Metropolitan Hospital when I first encountered a veteran of war.We were getting our assignment during report one morning and I was introduced to  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD). One of  the patient’s I was assigned to care for that day was a Vietnam War Veteran.

In those days, before you even went to assess the patient and to take his vital signs, you read the patient’s chart to familiarize yourself with his entire history. I read of this man’s service and his eventual decline into the mental torture he was in after witnessing and participating in the horrific of War. The patient was experiencing flashbacks and talking incoherently and was kept medicated for severe agitation. A team of doctors were taking care of him in this hospital, while they were waiting to place him in a VA facility, where he desperately needed to be.

When I went to the patient’s room to check on him, I was taken aback by his appearance. The man was disheveled and thrashing about. He was in what we call “soft” wrist and ankle restraints. A common use for safety measures, protecting the patient from harming himself and from those he came in contact with.

As I introduced myself and began taking his vital signs, I noticed  the wild stare in his eyes. The man was incoherent and mumbling. Nevertheless, I kept up a stream of what  calm dialogue.

I told him what I was doing, talking a bit about myself and  hoping against hope that something registered in some part of his fogged memory. I wasn’t feeling like a nurse in that moment, rather, one human being trying to reach out to another and say “Thank you for what you’ve sacrificed.”

Over the years, I’ve come in contact with many Veterans of War. My younger brother served in Afghanistan. To this day, he doesn’t ‘talk’ about his time over there. We can respect that and we are grateful he sought the help he needed to live life back at home as a normal civilian. The men and women who go off to serve and protect our country, filled with pride and hope and love for their United States of America, don’t all return the same person as when they left. If they are blessed to return at all.

To all the men and women of war, I say from the bottom of my heart “Thank you for all you’ve done and for all you’ve sacrificed for us.”

Have a safe and memorable Memorial (Veterans) Day!



Finding Your Now…After Divorce

20 May

thsleepkatHello warrior women! I know Monday just got away from me, but I wanted to talk to women who are going through or contemplating divorce. I know how painful a transition this can be, but rest assured, you will survive.
Divorce sucks life transitions suck. Going through change of any sort can become a fear based area of grey clouds filling your days with storms of pain and confusion. But, you must stay prayed up and focused on swimming against the currents of  stormy weather, in order to stand on solid ground that will offer you a place of comfort and new beginnings.
If you’re going through a divorce or contemplating a divorce, allow yourself to feel the pain of separation, but don’t wallow in self-pity and self blame. You are good enough. There’s nothing you can do to change or coerce him into staying when he obviously wants to leave and why would you settle? If you are a single mother and working woman, consider the confusion your child is going through and sit down with your soon to be ex to hammer our a solution to making this separation for your child less traumatic as possible.

Children do worry and sometimes even blame themselves for their grownup parent’s behavior. It’s important to form a united front and assure your child that your divorce is in no way because of him/her/them. Going from married working mom to single working mom is a hurdle that you can manage alone. You have to take care of yourself and your internal emotions. Don’t wallow in self depreciating pity! Take the bull by the horns and face the music of your pain from losing your spouse, but place your emotions into keeping your child/children safe and protected: good daycare, good schools, and with people you trust while you continue to work and provide for the most important person in your life your child. If you have to take a few personal days off from work to set forth a routine to make sure your children is taken care of and provide you piece of mind while you’re away, then do that.
The most important thing you can do for yourself and for your children is to never place blame. Blaming someone for not being the person you needed them to be only adds to the misery of letting go. When you’ve done all you can to try to save your marriage due to love or obligation or young children needing both parents in the household and your husband still wants out? Let him go.
Keep your heart opened because time heals all wounds and where today you’re experiencing heartbreak; somewhere in the near future of your tomorrow, you will be the happiest woman to walk the face of God’s green earth, and you will be living the best life you’ve ever lived with a man truly deserving of all of you as you are of him.

For strength,  purpose and peace read:

Holy Bible

Spiritual Divorce: Divorce as a Catalyst for an Extraordinary Life by Debbie Ford
Goodnight, sleep peacefully and tight…

6 Steps To Your Emotional Health

12 May

th appleThe doctor ‘s prerequisite for eating an apple a day, does, in some  part fit into the equation of how we use nutritious food to help us stay healthy and fit. But, there’s a very thin line between the physical  and the metaphysical of mind and body essence where we should also look to improve upon, in order to create the maximum in our overall health and well-being.

Practicing mindfulness can help calm our anxieties and obliterate the clutter in our brains, that comes from over analyzing, over achieving and trying to do it all. Trying to be Superman or Wonder-Woman should be left for the fantasy that is television.

Studies have proven that carrying around emotional baggage can lead to negative displays of anger, impatience and an ugly disregard for others. How many times have we heard about people showing outbursts of road rage, where another person loses his life ?

Here are 6 Steps to Improving Your Emotional Health

1. Invite Spiritual awareness there is a power higher than you. It’s time you recognize and come to know the creator

2. Love yourself make no apologies for who you are. Love yourself right where you’re standing or sitting right now. It’s not important how others see you, but how you see yourself. Walk in your truths!

3. Be a service to others make it a habit to help make a difference, however big or small.

4. Set your mind on positive get rid of a negative mindset. Don’t go around bitching and moaning about your fate. The world keeps turning and your season will come. When you know and trust in abundance you keep going through the storm of limitation and live with expectancy.

5.Be thankful for having the gifts of wealth and accumulation, but shy away from becoming greedy in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.

6. This is the age of technology so continue to make new friends and connections the world over and share insights with other.

Continue  to surround yourself with loving thoughts and good wishes from friends and loved ones, practice thankfulness, gratitude and humility.  Acknowledge all of your blessings and be stilled and listen because in solitude  you come to know your true self.


A Tribute To Moms

5 May

 Happy Monday women of Authenticity!

th momsThis morning I was awakened by raindrops pelting my windows. As my trusted readers and sistah friends already know, I’m  a Mother Nature sort. However, the misty rains and light chill opened my door to an unwelcome visit from ole man Arthur (Arthritis!) but I’m not going to let the stiffness and pain stop me from paying tribute to our wonderful moms, far and near.

President Obama said in a speech recently that his one regret was not spending enough time with his mother, who died at around the age he is now. I can empathize with the President, having lost my own mom in 2001. I don’t know how you feel about your mom ( I pray it’s all good) but I always knew that for every wrong thing happening in my life, mama would always be there to make things right again and if she couldn’t ease my troubles with her wise wisdom, she’d resort to the next best thing: comfort foods :)

Here are some wonderful “Mom” quotes and tributes that I’ve selected to share with all of you and I chose them because they touched my heart as a mother, and daughter:

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” Robert Browning

“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all of my life.” Abraham Lincoln

“My mother is a walking miracle.” Leonardo DeCaprio

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” Rudyard Kipling

“Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.” George Eliot

“Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” Stevie Wonder

“When my mother had to set dinner for 8 she’d just make enough for 16 and only serve half.” Gracie Allen

“Who’s a boy gonna talk to if not his mother?” Donald E. Westlake

Mother Day is Sunday, May 11th, and I’m wishing all a wonderful, glorious and memorable happy mother’s day!

“I’ll always love my mama cause she’s my favorite girl. I’ll always love my mama she brought me in this world. You only get one you only get one to love.”  THE INTRUDERS


What do love about your mama? Share your “mom” tribute with us for a special posting on Mother’s Day and I will send you a link for your moms to read and enjoy.

Peace and Blessing





Five Ways to Deal with Workplace Bullying

28 Apr

th pink bullyHappy Monday women of authenticity!

I was in conversation with a family member a few weeks ago and she was sharing how frustrating it was having to deal with an obvious and insidious workplace intimidation tactic from her manager. She had addressed the situation with an immediate superior, along with HR at the onset, voicing her concerns and asking for support. It wasn’t surprising for me to hear that Human Resources in this instance did little to intervene in solving the matter or even cared to seek a solution to what was clearly an upsetting situation to their employee.
For the sake of transparency, let me state here that I was a victim of workplace bullying. I never kept silent about how I felt unfairly treated by these employers under the guise of leadership and management.
I might have even earned a reputation for not being a team player in instances where the nurse trail of paper work for profit oftentimes took center stage over the well-being and welfare of patient care. But, where I wasn’t part of the ‘management’ team player sport, I became the “voice” for many of their disgruntled ( for obvious reasons) employees, often assisting staff members on the how to of documentation involving grievances stemming from feelings of workplace abuse and intimidation.
Here are five things that I advise employees to do when they become the target of employer intimidation, ridicule, and blatant acts of bullying:
1. Remain calm and professional. When you remain calm in the ire of the storm of intimidation and harassment, you are showing your intelligence and professionalism, thereby, winning half the battle that tyrants use to get your goat. ( According to Dr. Gary Namie, founder of Workplace Bullying Institute) workplace abuse is a systematic targeting plan of destruction of an employee by an employer to break them or crush them)
2. Ask to speak to the offender/superior alone if the situation is in public view. In most cases I have found that the workplace bully won’t show his/her hand in view of others, preferring to belittle or undervalue you/r performance in private. What works for the offender in this case can also work for you, because you get to see how the person really feels about you. If the criticism is helpful and not a personal or character assignation, you will know it and seek an amiable solution to solving the problem. But, if you witness the abuse agenda up close and private, then, you know you’re going to be in a fight for your dignity, reputation, and livelihood.
3. If you receive a write-up that makes no sense at all and seems totally from left field, you can refuse to sign it and document on the space provided, indicating your reasons for not doing so. Always keep a copy of any write-up or verbal complaints for your records.
4. Documentation is the key to going forward in any workplace bullying tactic.The consensus is if it’s not documented it didn’t happen. Have proof in the form of dates, times, incidents and witnesses involved.
5. Seek a transfer when you’ve done everything in your power to solve an intimidation situation and you’re still being abused in the workplace, you need to remove yourself from the situation and either ask for a transfer within the company or to a sister company. A crippled economy has most of America frightened by the very idea of losing their jobs. But, if nothing works, you need to regain your sense of clarity and plan your next move. When you feel trapped in a job that deplete your mind, body, spirit, and steals your joy; it’s time to pack it in for something better. You should definitely seek professional assistance to file charges against the harassing party.

Fear keeps people in unhealthy workplace situations and literally makes them sick. I’ve been in that space of feeling undervalued, powerless and defeated from on the job employer intimidation. Don’t you know this is exactly how the bully want you to feel?

Dr. Gary Namie is the founder of The Workplace Bullying Institute. In 2002, he, along with his wife who was a victim of workplace abuse and suffered from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) because of the abuse, started the Healthy Workplace Bill Campaign to get laws passed against this workplace health hazard.
Some places of employment have you sign gag or concealment clauses that prevents you as an employee from speaking your truths, but there are no laws against speaking up for what is right. In 2011, I gained employee signatures at my workplace to assist with the passing of The Illinois Healthy Workplace Bill, under its coordinator and co-founder, Carrie Clark.
If you want to learn more about how you can help put an end to workplace bullying, visit healthyworkplacebill.org.

If you want to share your stories or have questions or concerns on how to deal with troublesome situations in the workplace, email me and I’ll share answers either privately or here at authentic woman with your consent.
Peace and blessings

Overcoming Adversity

21 Apr

thadver Happy Monday warrior women! I hope you had a wonderful day of Easter worship and family togetherness. I am so blessed to wake up each morning with a mind stayed on possibility while living the life I love. Even when faced with adversity in every form, we can with the help of the most high, battle back from the edge of despair and hopelessness and forge a new path to success and prosperity born from living a life of intent and purpose.


“When it rains it pours.” We’re all spiritual beings living a human existence, so we’re bound to face some form of adversity in every part of our lives. There is no hiding place we can find to shield us from living life in all of its joys and grief. The setbacks, challenges and strife will persist in our lives as long as we live and breathe. We can overcome adversity by remaining vigilant and resolve to take the bitter with the sweet.

We have all known struggle and grief and it’s hard not to give in to the calling of despair. The key to sustaining and even thriving during our worst days is to keep moving and stretching our faith and belief that “God doesn’t give us more than we can bear.” When we gain strength and move forward through the broken-ness, we can become, as Maya Angelou states, “A rainbow in somebody else’s  cloud.”
I hope you use your gifts to become a beacon of light in the lives of another and reap the blessing that God bestows upon all his good and faithful servants.
Peace & blessings

Motivating the voice in other women

14 Apr

th believeHappy Monday visionaries!

Over 20 years ago, my mission was laid out plain and simple. I would use my voice to help the “underdog’ achieve their platform and stand up and be heard and taken seriously for their true convictions and people were going to listen. At the time, I was a young wife, mother and full-time nurse with three agendas to guide my purpose. Speak up for the elderly. Write and share their stories. Bring awareness to the violence on the school grounds from bullies and on the home front in an effort to protect and support my children and the children of other parents in a stance against gangs, drugs and violence and empower the voice in women to speak up for their rights.
I would become that voice to encourage other women to stand up for themselves when faced with opposition and injustice on the work front and in their personal lives. I took up my paper and pen, graduating to my trusted Canon typewriter and on to the informational highway of the internet cyberspace to introduce and share personal pieces of myself.

I’ve published poems, short stories, song lyrics, magazine articles, company slogans, personal essays on award-winning websites and various organizations equipped with in-house newsletters on a mission to inspire, educate and motivate the voices of women worldwide.
My mission to bring change has never wavered and I’m seeing an abundance of folks walking and sharing in their truths in order to make a difference in the lives of others. The biggest lesson I’ve learned on this journey to reawakening is that it’s not about ME.
It’s about doing the work that the good Lord blessed me to do. When friends questioned and family doubted, I allowed my human self to weaken and began to question my innate passion and purpose.

In awareness, we learn some friendships have agendas and family members can be overprotective and sometimes pass along their own insecurities and choices in securing a life of certainty over one of uncertain passion and purpose. Following your passion and purpose won’t instantly pay your bills, but your heart will rejoice in your truths as you continue to use your gifts that ensures a richness in spiritual prosperity beyond the physical scope of material profit.

I no longer listen to the outside noise of criticisms and naysayers, but stay centered and focused on the divine voice of intuitive knowing that comes from God’s favor on my purpose filled life. I had so much to share with all of you upon awakening from sleep this Monday morning, but decided to share more of me and my reasons for doing what I do.
My Southern upbringing introduced me to the beauty of Mother Nature, Jim Crow laws and Racism.  My mother would show me how to feel compassion and empathy for another human being and a young Angela Davis helped me find my voice and what an impact it could have in defiance of injustices  and inhumane treatment of others based upon prejudices and hatred.
I am a fighter, a survivor, and a dreamer. I love God and I will continue to walk this journey in prayer and faith. I’m no longer intimidated by anyone. I believe in good and detest evil in every form. I love children in all of their innocence and I want to protect the elder from neglect and abuse.
Because I’ve walked where others before me walked, I have embraced their wisdom. I hope you are open and receptive to receiving these gifts of life lessons as I’m led to share them with all of you. The journey is so much more important than the destination, simply because it’s a never-ending road that we must travel on the path to becoming our best selves.
I’m inspired to share this post with all of you and wish you a long and healthy life of peace, purpose and possibility.

Peace and Blessing



New Book On Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

7 Apr

index Spartan Up       Happy Monday women warriors. As you may know, I do a lot of personal development readings to educate myself on the journey to empowering the voice in other women ( men who happen upon the site as well)  in efforts to help you achieve  a happier authentic life by becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to know.

Getting your mind right is just one aspect of living your truths however and besides aiming for our mental and emotional well being, we have to maintain our physical being as well. When we’re mentally, emotionally and physically all good, we can happily continue our journey to our passion and purpose.

Honestly, power walking is about the most strenuous exercise I’ve ever done due to medical limitations, but I am all for maintaining good physical and mental health. There’s a different self development and motivating race for everyone who wants to take it up a notch by exploring and participating in physical endurance exercises inviting men, women and children to come out and run!
Have you heard about “SPARTAN UP!”? It’s a new way of achieving the maximum in physical and mental health & well being through taking part in endurance races through mud, mountainsides and off beaten trails, that will help people overcome any obstacles in their personal and professional lives, under the owner’s philosophy of committing to a goal, putting in the work and getting it done-

I’m contemplating an interview with the author behind this endurance race movement, Joseph De Sena. I will be reading his new book, Spartan Up! that will be available in May. If  anyone wants to know about this obstacle race and guide to a better life, I’m going to post the link to his video below. If you want to share in the interview that I’m considering for May, send in your questions or concern for the author and owner of this Life Guide strategy and I will ask them for you.

Check out the video- : http://youtu.be/N4hqEGtXIpo

Peace and blessings-






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