A Spiritual Need For Love & Healing

14 Dec

Happy Holidays! I’m meditating on love and healing. We need more love in our lives. We need to know love for ourselves. We need to heal. We need to live in acceptance and peace. I’m praying for a better me and a better you. God is love and love is the answer.


Love is said to make the world go round and for sure, every single human being on God’s green earth need more love in their lives.

Self-love, Holy love, Friendship love, Parental love, Siblings love, Relationship love, Man love, Woman love; love, love, love is all we need!

It’s time to become ONE love with a people love and respect for each other, in order to fix the world’s wrongs and make it a better place for ourselves and future generations of our children/ It’s time for spiritual love and healing.

Haven’t you grown tired of the selfless acts of disrespect, distrust and the premeditated acts of violence that impacts the lives of our fellow human beings?

This is America, the strongest country in the world and yet, its inhabitants are acting like foolish, sniveling cowards who hide behind their ugly ways just because they can.
So many of us are not living authentic lives of honesty and truth. Let us pray for change in their minds and hearts.There is no hiding place from truth. What transpires in darkness always come to light. When spirit calls for your veil to be lifted, what face will you reveal?


One of hatred and jealousy? One that covets another person’s success or a face that gossip and spread lies or that live a life of limitations because you have no faith? The time has come for you to reveal your true ‘self.’
Pray your life better. Find peace in your heart and know that God loves you enough to give you the power to change. It’s not too late to become that person who is kind, compassionate and forgiving; A person of conscience, character and purpose.

Only you can open the doors to your spiritual and soul purpose by practicing authentic love and fellowship.

May your days be filled with peace and joy, love and light; abundance, purpose and gratitude. And always treat yourself special.

I’m taking a holiday hiatus and will see you all in January:)

Standing Strong In The Midst of “Trash” Talking

8 Dec

“You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”

Happy Monday warrior women! I hope your intent today will border on breaking every chain that attempt to hold you back or cause you to waver in your truths! Last week, I read the comments of Charles Barkley, agreeing with the verdict of the Ferguson case and calling anger rioters “scumbags.”

Mr. Barkley went on to say how he agreed that there were no wrongdoing or racial prodding on the part of the police officer in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

th parents

The one thing I will agree with Mr. Barkley on is that rioting and destroying other people property is wrong. It was misguided “anger” of cause and effect reactions from people who have been treated so unfairly, murdered for being black, judged and criminalized by a selective body of government officials based on a biased and preconceived system of justice. One that history clearly shows is separate from their white counterparts who have committed crimes of a similar nature.

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Kenny Smith, a former Basketball player, friend to Charles Barkley and co-host with Barkley on their “Inside The NBA” show, disagreed with Barkley and posted an open letter to several news outlets. I re-posted one copy of the letter in agreement with Mr. Smith regarding Charles Barkley outrageous Ferguson comments and was promptly labeled a “Communist!”


I will always stand on the side of “right” versus “wrong” and will use my voice for the purpose of bringing awareness and making a difference! When faced with people who “trash” talk other people and spew their inappropriate views onto the viewing public- there’s bound to be a world division. Singularly or collectively, you have a duty to stand against the madness and criminal acts that are committed by one group against another.

The justice system is flawed, as evidenced by the acts of protection from justice due in the murders of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and the list goes on.

When you raise your voice, stand in solidarity and take positive action against what you know is wrong, there will be plenty of garbage thrown your way. Don’t get side tracked by naysayers who spew their trash in your direction. Stand and speak out against what you know in your heart is wrong!

Here’s a link to the Smith & Barkley Fergusion debate.


The police officer that used the outlawed choke hold on Eric Garner continuously when he kept saying "I can't breathe" was not charged in his murder. There's little 'justice' for people of color in the justice system...

Peace and blessings...

A Family’s Love: An Authentic Message of Gratitude

1 Dec

Happy Monday women of vision and purpose! It’s been a whirlwind week of Thanksgiving dinners, family connections and giving thanks for the service and sowing of seeds from one to the other in humane acts of kindness.
thfam gratitude

This week, my sister took me on a shopping excursion. If you know me from my writings, you’d know that I’m not a mall crawler or care to spend longer than what is deemed necessary in a crowd of animated shoppers. Still, I was deeply touched by my sister’s generosity, which started me thinking about the kindness my entire family has shown me through some thick situational post nursing career days.


I’m blessed to have the support system that makes up my entire family. They are very encouraging and supportive of the work I’m doing with Authentic Woman.Their support oftentimes include words of encouragement, financial contributions to my shrinking bank account, taking me to doctor appointments and picking up my prescriptions from the local Pharmacy.

I decided to write this special post as my way of saying how grateful I am to have the love of my family.

No man/woman or child is an island. We can’t always do it alone. I appreciate the blessings and favor that God has for my life, in order that I might be a blessing in the life of others. I encourage everyone, but most definitely women, to find out who they are and whose they are on the journey to “becoming”. When you know who you are, your light will shine so brightly that even when challenges threaten to lay you down, some kind person will stop to offer you a hand up.


Most importantly,when that kindness comes from family,don’t take their gifts for granted! Acknowledge them with a heart of gratitude. And never give up on your “soul” purpose.

As always “Treat yourself special.”

Does God Hear Us?

24 Nov


In adolescence I had questions about life and the world as a whole. I wondered about and questioned a people demographics in terms of fairness and injustice. I also looked to God for answers because I was being raised to talk to god and lay all of my burdens down. I prayed faithfully, on my knees every night and I felt comforted knowing that God heard my prayers.

At twelve years old, I was sitting on a hard wooden bench in a small church in Mississippi. There were about six other children sitting with me. We were excited and nervous because we were about to hear the good lord to speak to us and lead us to salvation.

Baptism in the South begins with a “Revival”, where for five days, parents bring their children to church and have them sequestered away from the congregation to sit on the “Mourners” bench. The preacher and his deacons would commence to pray over you and ask God to save you from sin and lead you to salvation… Once the children heard the word of God, they are led from the mourners bench to another bench and declared “saved” and ready for their baptism on Sunday.


The Friday before Sunday baptism, I was sitting alone on the mourning bench. The preacher and his deacons were exasperated by now, but kept up their prayer vigil. Finally, I got up to join the other children and on Sunday I got baptized.

I knew that I’d listened (literally) for God to speak to me and I didn’t hear him. I also knew that everyone in the church, including the preacher and my mama was happy that I had finally come to Jesus. I, on the other hand, felt like a twelve year old hypocrite because I’d been baptized without hearing God speak to me.
As adults, we know that it is by faith that we come to know and believe on the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are spiritual beings living a human existence, who must trust and believe that through the storms of life’s struggle, strife and sorrow, god listens, hears and speak favor over us.
“Does God hear us?”


With age comes a time of reawakening to spirit and purpose. It is a journey that everyone must undertake in order to understand who we are and whose we are. We are never alone. God’s love is everlasting.
Our every waking day is a blessing from God.

When in the midst of your challenges and you can eat food that fills you when you’re hungry and wear clothes to cover your nakedness- God hears.
When you are protected from the elements of Mother Nature with a roof over your head and a warm bed to sleep in; God hears. In your darkest hour, when you can reach back to help someone else in their time of need; God hears.

thlife storrms

Be thankful and grateful for God’s presence in your life as you give thanks on this Thanksgiving Day and every single day of your life.

And always “Treat yourself special.”

Are You Brave Enough?

17 Nov


You have to be brave to serve others. Are you brave enough to answer to your calling? When faced with the opinions and doubts of others, sometimes we waver in our calling. We tend to think we’re not the one to do what needs to be done; to make a difference in the life of another human being. It’s not easy being brave in the storm of critics, non believers, naysayers, haters and your own acts of self-sabotage.


You know when you’re not embracing/using your gifts or living from your authentic truths and soul purpose. You can’t hide from the person you are meant to be. In this one physical life we have here on this one physical plane, we have to step up, be brave and accept God’s grace through his blessing us. Maya Angelou said we must be a rainbow in another person’s cloud. My mission is clear. I am a rainbow and I’m willing to use my gifts to help you rise up and walk into your purpose and possibility.

Time is wasting and you’re wasting time. Don’t worry or manifest the negatives that rear up to hinder you in your purpose. Acknowledge it, feel it and let it go… Be brave and return to the center where your true “self” abides; Reclaim your power and carry on with your assignment. Share your gifts. Be authentic in sharing your truths.

When you know who you are and whose you are, you will seek to serve others. Don’t allow your purpose to fester from the wounds of apathy, fear, and doubt. Start now, in some small way to use what the Good Lord gave you. Be brave, step up and do the work you’ve been called to do. Remember, you’re never alone on your journey to living and serving others from an authentic and favored life.

When you began to use your gifts to motive, empower, educate and inspire others to be the best person they can ever hope to become, you will be blessed exponentially!


Treat yourself special!

Acknowledge Your Blessings

10 Nov

Your blessing comes, sometimes through bold effort,sometimes from constant and faithful prayer or through persistence, hard work and perseverance. I always say your blessings come “just because.” I believe we’re blessed every single day of our lives through Faith.


However you are blessed and whatever it is that you are blessed with, always acknowledge your blessings! I want to thank Mandy at Healing Beyond Survival for planting Authentic Woman (my name) on her Heroes In My Garden @ http://healingbeyondsurvival.wordpress.com/my-heros/

I’ve added Mandy’s blog to Authentic Woman’s blogroll. Make sure you stop by to read her story and to take a stroll in her beautiful “Hero” garden.

Authentic Woman Blog Nomination!

3 Nov

“You never know what the day might bring”! I’m one of those women who is guilty of keeping her nose to the grind when she’s passionate about a thing. I am passionate about empowering women voices (the underdog) and so, oftentimes, I have to remember to look up and smell the roses that comes by  way of process and progress in my life’s purpose.

It is with great honor and humility that I accept the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD for Authentic Woman…although the blog has been around for nearly 7 years, the fact that newer voices are stopping in and sharing the blog’s mission, and giving it a Lovely blog nod is just awesome! Thank you LaTanya Davis and Mary Perez for this nomination.

onelovelyblogaward In order to accept this award, I have to share 7 things about me that you guys might not know. Hmm, what haven’t I been transparent about:)

1. I am an Arthritis sufferer. Some days are better than others and this is a great day:)

2. I love, love, love to watch horror movies- even thought they might linger for a scare afterwards!

3.Music from the 50s, 60s and 70s is my go-to for my all time great listening pleasure.

4. Mother Nature remains a wonder and life-altering constant in my need for spiritual rejuvenation.

5. I miss my mom, dad, brother and sister being physically present, but I take solace in knowing that they are with me in spirit.

6. I’m currently taking 2 online Fiction Writing Classes.

7.Today (Nov 3rd) is my one and only great-granddaughter’s first birthday! Happy Birthday K1!

CAM00920 kaidyn

Nominate 15 inspiring blogs /bloggers you find deserving of this honor:


Memoir Notes

Reflections From The Heart

Young And Twenty


Stories WithoutBorders




Sherry Meyer-Writer





I feel like I’m among friends when I visit these bloggers who share their voices of truth. I know they will welcome and inspire you to keep shining in the miracle of light as well!

Always remember to treat yourself special!



A Simple Reminder…

27 Oct

thgutI have a simple reminder for you on this blessed Monday. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are,  what color you are or where you come from; You can still become everything God created you to be.

Trust your intuitive gut and aspire to make your dreams a reality.






Always remember to “treat yourself special.”

When You’re In Need of a Good Nights’ Sleep

20 Oct

My weekend was more hectic than usual, which affected my sleep. This morning I woke up before dawn with a stiff neck and a sour disposition. But, once I was showered and started on my 2nd cup of java, I felt almost normal:) which got me to thinking about our bodies and how when we don’t get enough sleep, it affects not only our physical well-being, but our mental and emotional state of mind as well.

sleeping-nowI made a note to myself to get back to the practice of  loving myself by caring for myself more. And that means going back to rituals that always lifts my spirits and provides for a good night sleep. I’m not just thinking of myself either. So, I’m paying it forward in hopes some of my tips will remind you to keep loving you from the inside out and also nip those sleepless nights in the bud.

Try these natural ways to introduce yourself to a safe and soothing nighttime sleep:
1. Establish a sleep pattern.  It’s been proven that when we set a routine for going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time every morning, our bodies adjust to the consistency as this regular sleep pattern keeps our biological clock in sync, allowing us to rest better.
2. Avoid stimulants like coffee, teas and cigarettes around bedtime. These things only keep us awake and irritated when we can’t fall asleep.
3. Milk- according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, there’s a protein naturally found in milk that not only improves your sleep quality, but increases your alertness the following day. Those suffering with lactose intolerance, can choose either soy or lactose free milk components.
4. Do not go to bed hungry, too full from a heavy dinner, or with a full bladder! Do make sure your bladder is fully emptied before going to bed to prevent bloating, indigestion and abdominal discomfort. Also eat a light dinner, with a cut off time from the kitchen snacks around 8-ish. If you’re going to bed on a full stomach, you’ll not only have digestive concerns, but you’ll most likely wake up grumpy and irritated in the morning.
5. My favorite way to get a good night sleep is by incorporating fragrance in my bath and day-to-day routines and frankly felt too beat of late to indulge in… a Calgon girl of old, I ‘m an expert on the benefits of scented baths. Applying light lotions as daily skin moisturizer after an invigorating shower or bath stimulates happy endorphins and ignites your happiness button:) Okay I made that last part up.  I believe it:)

Medically speaking, adding one or two small drops of mild fragrances like lavender, peppermint and jasmine oils to your bath have been proven to lessen insomnia, encourage drowsiness and reduce anxiety and they smell good doing it. These same oils dabbed on key body points like your wrist and neck or used as a scented satchel to place between your pillow and pillow case at night before retiring, can also lull you into a deep and peaceful sleep.
An added bonus for anyone trying to fall asleep naturally, without having to resort to using medicinal sleep aids would be to make your bedroom as comfortable and cozy for sleep as possible. In some instances people prefer to not have a television set in their bedroom because of lighting and noise distractions. A cool, quiet and dimly lit atmosphere in your bedroom reportedly lessens your stress levels and helps to relax you in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

th sleep This is a great time for women of passion and purpose. So always remember to “treat yourself special.”




The Value of “NO”

14 Oct

thvalueGood morning everyone! Sorry I couldn’t greet you all on Monday, but in the midst of doing, I got a visit from Arthur and seemingly, all of his family:) Arthritis sufferers can attest to bones cracking, joints screaming and walking becoming just too painful. And I was obligated to do an interview with actress and producer, Vanessa Bell Calloway.

Due to time differences, Arthur slowing my progress and chores telling me they wasn’t going to take care of themselves, I fell waay behind and couldn’t get to you guys.

I felt bad about that :( but then I was reminded when speaking with Vanessa on how she learned the value of saying “no”, which caused an aha moment for myself. Of course, celebrity lifestyles are far different from regular folks. Nevertheless, Clara got to reread the memo. When you’re stretched like a rubber band and have too much on your plate, remember even Jesus rested!

We cannot be the multitasking Superwoman and Superman or The Flash running around like lightning everyday:) So, keep in mind that it’s okay to say “No. “

Life as you know it, won’t cease to exist and you’ll be better and not bitter come Tuesday morning.  To catch insights about my upcoming interview go here: http://wwwclara54.wordpress.com/2014/10/13/upcoming-interview-with-actress-vanessa-bell-calloway/


As always, “treat yourself special.”




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