Motivating the voice in other women

14 Apr

th believeHappy Monday visionaries!

Over 20 years ago, my mission was laid out plain and simple. I would use my voice to help the “underdog’ achieve their platform and stand up and be heard and taken seriously for their true convictions and people were going to listen. At the time, I was a young wife, mother and full-time nurse with three agendas to guide my purpose. Speak up for the elderly. Write and share their stories. Bring awareness to the violence on the school grounds from bullies and on the home front in an effort to protect and support my children and the children of other parents in a stance against gangs, drugs and violence and empower the voice in women to speak up for their rights.
I would become that voice to encourage other women to stand up for themselves when faced with opposition and injustice on the work front and in their personal lives. I took up my paper and pen, graduating to my trusted Canon typewriter and on to the informational highway of the internet cyberspace to introduce and share personal pieces of myself.

I’ve published poems, short stories, song lyrics, magazine articles, company slogans, personal essays on award-winning websites and various organizations equipped with in-house newsletters on a mission to inspire, educate and motivate the voices of women worldwide.
My mission to bring change has never wavered and I’m seeing an abundance of folks walking and sharing in their truths in order to make a difference in the lives of others. The biggest lesson I’ve learned on this journey to reawakening is that it’s not about ME.
It’s about doing the work that the good Lord blessed me to do. When friends questioned and family doubted, I allowed my human self to weaken and began to question my innate passion and purpose.

In awareness, we learn some friendships have agendas and family members can be overprotective and sometimes pass along their own insecurities and choices in securing a life of certainty over one of uncertain passion and purpose. Following your passion and purpose won’t instantly pay your bills, but your heart will rejoice in your truths as you continue to use your gifts that will ensure a richness in prosperity beyond the attainable currency of the  almighty dollar.
I no longer listen to the outside noise of criticisms and naysayers, but stay centered and focused on the divine voice of intuitive knowing that comes from God’s favor on my purpose filled life. I had so much to share with all of you upon awakening from sleep this Monday morning, but decided to share more of me and my reasons for doing what I do.
My Southern upbringing introduced me to the beauty of Mother Nature, Jim Crow laws and Racism.  My mother would show me how to feel compassion and empathy for another human being and a young Angela Davis helped me find my voice and what an impact it could have in defiance of injustices  and inhumane treatment of others based upon prejudices and hatred.
I am a fighter from way back. I am a survivor and a dreamer. I love God and I will continue to walk this journey in prayer and faith. I’m no longer intimidated by anyone. I believe in good and detest evil in every form. I love children in all of their innocence and I want to protect the elder from neglect and abuse.
Because I’ve walked where others before me walked, I have embraced their wisdom. I hope you are open and receptive to receiving these gifts of life lessons as I’m led to share them with all of you. The journey is so much more important than the destination, simply because it’s a never-ending road that we must travel on the path to becoming our best selves.
I’m inspired to share this post with all of you and wish you a long and healthy life of peace, purpose and possibility.

Peace and Blessing



New Book On Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

7 Apr

index Spartan Up       Happy Monday women warriors. As you may know, I do a lot of personal development readings to educate myself on the journey to empowering the voice in other women ( men who happen upon the site as well)  in efforts to help you achieve  a happier authentic life by becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to know.

Getting your mind right is just one aspect of living your truths however and besides aiming for our mental and emotional well being, we have to maintain our physical being as well. When we’re mentally, emotionally and physically all good, we can happily continue our journey to our passion and purpose.

Honestly, power walking is about the most strenuous exercise I’ve ever done due to medical limitations, but I am all for maintaining good physical and mental health. There’s a different self development and motivating race for everyone who wants to take it up a notch by exploring and participating in physical endurance exercises inviting men, women and children to come out and run!
Have you heard about “SPARTAN UP!”? It’s a new way of achieving the maximum in physical and mental health & well being through taking part in endurance races through mud, mountainsides and off beaten trails, that will help people overcome any obstacles in their personal and professional lives, under the owner’s philosophy of committing to a goal, putting in the work and getting it done-

I’m contemplating an interview with the author behind this endurance race movement, Joseph De Sena. I will be reading his new book, Spartan Up! that will be available in May. If  anyone wants to know about this obstacle race and guide to a better life, I’m going to post the link to his video below. If you want to share in the interview that I’m considering for May, send in your questions or concern for the author and owner of this Life Guide strategy and I will ask them for you.

Check out the video- :

Peace and blessings-





10 Things to Consider On the Path to Authenticity

31 Mar

th orange self“Rise up and walk!” Good morning warrior women. It’s a great Monday to wake up with the preparedness mindset of ‘got to be starting something.’ :)  My post today is a bit long, but necessary in its message on recognizing your personal journey to “Knowing.”
You may find yourself wanting to resist the change that’s occurring or about to occur in your life, but believe me; it’s unavoidable as this change will also ensure that you live a more abundant life. In order to help guide you on what can seem a bewildering lifestyle change, I’ve listed 10 subtle mindset occurrences that you might encounter on the path of living with intent and purpose.
1. What worked before in your life, isn’t working for you now. This might include toxic friendships, gossiping co-workers or a job that you no longer feel is fair to its employees and because you’re having feeling of disconnect in these scenarios, you will come to the realization that you must make a change in these areas of your life because you can’t become a silent bystander or less than willing participant any longer.

2. A dead end relationship that keeps stealing your joy and you’re no longer willing to tolerate disrespect or cheating and excuses for bad behavior just because you’ve known him since high school or have a baby by him and you’re still hoping against hope that he will put a ring on it.
You want a better life for yourself with a man who is a “Keeper” and not one who is kept by your insecurities. You will change yourself for the betterment of yourself and if there’s children involved; because you are your children protector and you know your self-worth, you’re no longer willing to settle.
3. You’re okay with saying “No” and could care less when you’re labeled selfish because you know that it’s alright to take some “Me” time and take care of yourself first. Self love means giving you permission to make yourself happy. You no longer care what folks say about you. You wish them well and keep stretching toward becoming a better you. In the words of Guy Finley, “Your opinion of me is none of my business.” :)

4. You’re not intimidated by labels, titles and pedigrees. It’s great to achieve a goal of getting a great education and a degree of some sort under your belt, but it doesn’t make you better than anyone else. Titles don’t detract from who you are as a person. If you’re a Butt with a degree, changes are, you were a Butt before getting your degree. If your heart isn’t centered in love, compassion and purpose, no title in the world will make you a success candidate for true happiness.

5. You recognize that Prayer works. Although you’ve always known that God is ever-present in your life, when you’re on a journey to living and walking in your truths, you will not judge how others worship or set out to demean another person’s beliefs. You will pray every day that God finds favor in you. You will strive to life a life of expectancy and good works fueled by compassion, passion and purpose. You are a spiritual being living a human existence and you walk in gratitude.

6. You know yourself through your intuitive “Awareness.” When you learn more about the person you are becoming, you will want to understand the inner self and how intuition works in your life. As humans we consciously think of the 5 senses we’ve been gifted with; Taste, Sight, Hearing, Smell and Touch, but there are gifts beyond the conscious that cannot be explained. This ESP sensory comes from knowing and understanding the power of God manifested in us. I have studied this intuitive knowing and come to understand it as spirit and soul connecting with our outer persona known as the “self.” I am a lifelong student because Intuition is deep and requires much research and understanding, but it is part of who we are.

7. Sharing what you know from personal experience becomes an important focus of your mission to empower others. I became a sort of conduit for women who would come to me seeking information on everything from how to approach an employer about a schedule change to how to approach the court system when seeking guardianship of a child. I have written letters of resignation and grievances. I have even obtained signatures against employers who practice workplace bullying in their businesses. I use my gifts to help make a difference in the lives of others.

There will be opportunities that will present themselves on this journey of change where your voice and actions will be needed to make change happen. Because we are human with human frailties, fear will rear its negative head in attempts to hold you back from doing the right thing. Don’t allow fear to keep you from living with intent. We are all called to serve. Your authentic path will offer you the challenges that come with living a meaningful and purpose filled life. Accept those challenges, even when faced with doubts and uncertainty.
8. You will want to be transparent and share your story with other people. You will step up and step into your role of mentor and coach with trepidation at first, but your purpose will outweigh your fear of rejection. Your story can make a positive difference and help heal the wounds of doubt in another person. You will choose how you share you story of struggle to triumph, but share it you must.
9. You will make a sustainable life by using your gifts. When you become the person that you’ve always wanted to know, you will find yourself wanting to work for yourself. You might not feel confident enough to start your own business, but you have the skills and knowledge to become your own employer if you are willing to work tirelessly to achieve your dreams.
What I’ve learned over the course of 14 years, since starting my journey to living an authentic lifestyle is this: I’m happiest when I’m working to make a positive difference in the lives of others, the ‘underdog’ without voice as in women, children and the elderly.  I know that my contributions have meaning and can impact change. I am an expert in the service of informational tools and products that will ensure a better life for others. I know my worth in monetary value and in the value of my gifts to empower the voice in others and ensure my own prosperity.
Don’t be fooled. Starting your own business is hard. Make sure you have 6 months to a year’s savings for when the going gets rough and it’s going to get lean during those first years of trials and tribulations, but perseverance and a strong belief system in yourself and in your product, will ultimately build trust from other people and set your path to earning bankable income. Keep going in the direction of spirit and motivation.

10. You are not intimidated by another person’s success and do not feel the need to compete in their arena or field of expertise. You have a gift that is uniquely your own and no one else can ever compete with what you have to bring to the table. God wants you to recognize the miracle in you and when you come to know who you are and whose you are, you put away prideful things; greed, envy, jealousy and overt evilness of competitiveness. Your tongue will not be split with backstabbing innuendo and criticisms of others. Nobody likes a Know-it-all, but feel confident in your abilities and know that being authentic allows you to change your mind from being set on negative and confusion to stretching for positive and possibility.

Consider the re-awakenings on your journey and feel free to share your findings with us.

Peace and blessings





Color Your Significant Life

28 Mar

Happy Friday women of vision! I’m battling back from a few setbacks, but life is a challenge and you must find the strength to rise every time, so I wanted to leave a few words of wisdom for you all on the path to living a significant life of passion and authentic purpose.

th color your lifeA colleague shared on social media, asking “What do you do when you feel like giving up”?
We’re all victims to human frailties and so find ourselves often voicing similar concerns like “When will this trouble pass?” or “What exactly am I trying to prove?” Living your life on purpose doesn’t mean you’re immune to life’s challenges. Because we are spiritual beings, living a human existence, negatives and doubts will not render us immune to struggle and feelings of “broken-ness.”
I remember when I found myself on the path to living a life of authenticity and truth, the ugly head of fear rose up to fan my insecurities and doubts, brought about in some instances by well-meaning friends and family and the meanness of naysayers and critics. These things threatened to topple me and leave me discouraged and second guessing my own capabilities.
“What’s for me is for me” but I can’t set back and wait for something to happen. I have to apply the seeds of God’s gifts to make my garden grow. Many of us weren’t aware of this one truism and so we look outside of our own truths for validation. You’ve always held the key that unlocks the door to your inner “self.” You must have faith and believe.
Few people ever actually use the gifts they’ve been given. They prefer to moan and groan about what they don’t have as opposed to recognizing and being grateful for what they have achieved.

To build a foundation on what we already have starts right now, with you, right where you are. There are no promises of  tomorrows. You have to begin to live the life you want right now!
A friend and co-worker recently lost her life. Not yet, 50 years old, she leaves behind a good husband, three daughters and a beautiful granddaughter. My heart aches that she left too soon and will never get to see her granddaughter grow up.
Whatever you do in your life, make your life count by making it meaningful to yourself and to others. There’s no set number of days for any of us to get it right. I love that I’m living a significant life on purpose and doing what brings me joy. Outside of two wonderful children and a house filled with rambunctious grandchildren and one beautiful great-granddaughter, loving family and a select group of spirited friends, I couldn’t imagine anything making me happier. Okay, maybe a fabulous vacation home in the Hamptons. :)
When you’re facing setbacks and challenges in your life, continue to color your life forward by focusing on helping someone else. When you forget about YOU and reach out to help another, your blessings will always flow from the favor of The Almighty. It doesn’t matter whether big or small, just reach out to offer your services and sooner than later, you will find favor of positive shifts in your direction.
My journey and personal life experiences have brought me to know my purpose and how to successfully rebuke my troubles. This journey to reawakening led me to offer my services to others who experience seasons of fog and uncertainty. God’s purpose in my life is well-defined; as it is in yours. Accept his grace with a welcoming heart.
Living authentically is a lifestyle commitment, but when we take up the gauntlet to “Becoming”, we’re already clothed in the Almighty’s armor of protection. Through the good times and the bad, we are living on purpose, all we really need to know is that struggle is unavoidable and we are made stronger by our struggles. Never give up.
“From steps to ladders to bridges, your truth begins with you.”
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Stuck Living in Mediocreland? 3 Quick Tips to Escape the Rut

25 Mar

Yes, we are a women empowerment site and there’s no way we’re letting the men take all of the credit, but Shawn Anderson motivational messages are an exception and just what we need to hear when our well runs dry:) Join Authentic Woman in welcoming today’s “From The Experts” guest, the award winning motivational speaker and author, Shawn Anderson.








LOS ANGELES, Calif., March 25, 2014 – Wake-up alarm sounds. Hit snooze button. Steal ten minutes more sleep. Groan. Get coffee. Wake kids. Take shower. Get dressed. Yell at kids. Drive to work. Slump into chair. Check email. Check Facebook. Meet deadlines. Waste time chatting. Watch clock. Check Facebook again. Sneak out early. Wait in traffic. Get groceries. Chaperone kids. Shout about homework. Make dinner. Watch TV. Go to bed. Repeat.

Of course, there is no way this sounds familiar. Right? Maybe to our friends, but never to us. Not to worry…this is for them. (The friends.)

To help those “friends” who are stuck in a life rut, motivational guru Shawn Anderson shares three quick rut-escaping tips you can provide to those who need emergency advice and are living the same day over…and over…and over:

TIP #1: Quit living in Mediocreland.

Stuck on mediocrity? Well, look in the mirror at the person responsible. It’s you. You created your average-ness…and you can UN-create it, too. Want out of the rut? Quit making excuses, quit pointing fingers, and quit waiting for a miracle to fly you out of Mediocreland. If you’re ever going to leave the world of average, you need to start creating the changes you seek. Cast a vision. Create a plan. Take massive action. Passive residents are not allowed to fly.

TIP #2: Don’t expect an overnight miracle.

It’s impossible to go from “ice-cold” (in the rut) to “red hot” (out of the rut) overnight. Massive change just doesn’t happen that way.  Don’t expect it. Do expect, though, that you can grow to “red-hot” if you hold yourself accountable to take one step a day towards the changes you want in your life. Single steps daily add up to big changes eventually.

TIP #3: Don’t wait for perfect.

Waiting for the perfect scenario to unfold before making changes? Your reasons to wait before taking action might sound good in your head now. The problem is that five years down the road those same reasons will probably still exist…and you’ll probably still be in a rut. Life is too short to wait for the stars to fall into perfect alignment before we take life action. Live and live now. Otherwise, waiting too long for the right risk-taking moment eventually leads to paralyzing fear…which leads to complacency…which leads to “I don’t care” acceptance.

The author of six motivational books, including A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over and Extra Mile America: Stories of Inspiration, Possibility and Purpose, Shawn Anderson lives and breathes all things related to “going the extra mile” in order to live a life we love. Last year, Anderson’s Extra Mile America organization led 444 cities to declare 11/1/13 as “Extra Mile Day”… a day recognizing the capacity we each have to create positive change for ourselves, families, organizations and communities when we “go the extra mile.”

“My feeling is ‘we get one life’ so why ever choose to live it with anything less than our deepest passion and most ardent dedication? We create the life we live…one way or another,” Anderson says.


Shawn Anderson is a six-time author, keynote speaker and motivational success coach. His “go the extra mile” philosophy and ability to produce results have been praised by political leaders, world record holders and media outlets across the world. His book titles include A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over and Extra Mile America: Stories of Inspiration, Possibility and Purpose. For more information, visit

The Power in Your Speak

24 Mar


There have been times in our lives where we’ve allowed the moment to pass when we should have spoken up for whatever strong belief system we favored in opposition to another or felt empowered by and needed to speak  and let our voices be heard.

While an inner silence of regret embarrasses us and settles in our bosoms, we feel ashamed by our inactive voice and silently label ourselves ‘coward.’ There have been numerous times I’ve felt I’ve let myself and other people down by not stepping up and speaking my truths, regardless of the anticipated fear based consequences. The one truism that we all have as American citizens is the right to free speech.

For many of us, it’s a double-edged sword; wanting to speak, but afraid to upset those whose opinions might differ from ours. Some of the most visionary and creative of us even abhor the very idea of public speaking and so we try to avoid the spotlight as much as possible and we might not use our voice to make a stance as we should, because we don’t want to lose the private anonymity we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

I know I’ve led an introverted approach to life for practically all of my life. Being an introvert and being on the ‘shy’ side can be a double-edged sword, but there are exercises you can do to see your vision of bringing your passion and purpose to the forefront and in front of an audience. The life of the party, I never strive to become, but in the work that has become my mission purpose, I have no choice but to use my voice, stand before people and allow that part of myself to come forward and be a person of authentic transparency.

Your passion and purpose need to be heard in its authentic voice. Your voice can inspire another, call attention to an insidious problem, bring a community together and change the minds of the most powerful people in the world. Your voice when spoken with clarity, with compassion, dignity and authority, can impact a nation.

If you have been called to serve and your voice needs to be heard, accept the position. Be the leader you were destined to become and use your voice for positive change. Don’t allow fear to weaken you and have you lose sight of who you are and whose you are or what you’ve been called to do.


If you have a fear of public speaking, study the pros, take classes and learn how to present yourself to others in a position of confidence and expertise in your chosen field of interest. And always speak from the heart and share your story on the journey to becoming the expert you are. Three professional speakers that I follow closely are:

Marcie Hill, author and graduate of Toastmaster Speaking Association. She is CEO of several blogs, including The Write Design Company and author of “62 Blogs Posts to Overcome Bloggers Block”.

Pat Mckinzie is an author, girls’ basketball coach and teacher, who can add the title of professional speaker to her long list of accomplishments after being touted to give an Access to Opportunity lecture at Dreyfus University Center in Wisconsin, her basketball Alma mater. She is one of the first women to break the barrier in Women’s Professional Basketball.  Pat is my long distance motivator and accountability partner who live in Switzerland with her Frenchman hubby and blogs about her amazing life at Expat Files from Overseas.

Lisa Nichols, the award-winning motivational speaker and multimillion dollar entrepreneur, who is bringing women together in her latest speaking series called “Motivating the Team Spirit.” Lisa’s advises you to be radical for your own future and “Make your story about why you can do it, instead of why you can’t do it.”

These women have remained authentic and original in their approach to speaking their stories, making a difference in their own lives and, in the lives of other folks.

When you offer your gifts as a service to others and speak from a place of authority and leadership, your “Speak” becomes less about you and more about your purpose.  Do aspire to make a positive difference in the world and you can win over anyone, in any arena when you begin your Public Speaking from a place of authenticity and truth.

Addendum:  My domain site at has been compromised and I’ve had to move us back to our original site during this transitional phase of regrouping. I hope you will continue to follow authentic woman, participate in inspiring conversations and take advantage of my mentoring services offered online in group or one on one sessions.

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It’s going take a minute to get the site up to par, but I’m always up for a challenge :)

Peace & blessings

Put On Your Red Dress…

13 May
A high-heeled ladies shoe.

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And Join me at my new self- hosted site for women! Yes, finally, my new motivational & personal development website IS COMPLETE! Put on your high heel sneakers and bring your stories of triumph on your personal journey to authenticity… I will meet & greet your arrival at my new place of business. See you all here Feel free to bask in the ambiance of woman power:)

Peace & blessing as I thank you all for your continued support and friendship!


A Mother’s Day Guest Post…

6 May
Sunrise over 4th Lake from Bald Mountain, Augu...

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Here it comes again – Mother’s Day. So you’re ready to head for the store to buy a card or a gift. Why not give the gift that’s free. Give your mother your time and let her know you love her.

This may not be an easy task for everyone. Not all of us came from loving backgrounds. If this was the case for you, it was probably also the case for your mother as a child.

It’s important to remember that we all have done the best we could have with whatever has come our way. Your mother also did the best she could too. Remember, there are no blueprints for parenting. It’s all a matter of learning on the job. Some mothers are just slow learners. They are not to be blamed.

You’re an adult now. It’s time to grow up. That may mean facing some of your own demons. The important point to remember is being able to face the past with honesty, to forgive, and to let go.

The following ideas may help you to move in the right direction:

* You may need to talk to someone, including a professional, in order to discharge past pain. It’s also important to remember all of those loving qualities that your mother possesses. Remember the good times that you have had.

* Try to put your life into a balanced perspective. Life is more good than not. Allow the healing to flow into your life. The beautiful thing is that you can make it all good if you live in the present and commit to it being so.

* The present moment is all you have and here it comes. The question is what you can do to make it a memorable one? Cards and flowers are nice, but they don’t compare with a more personal connection. Make a phone call. Better yet, spend the day with her. Relive the happy times. Let her know you love her. The gift you give to her will multiply. It will also be a gift you give yourself.

About the author:
Davis Aujourd’hui is creator of the highly- rated and hilarious Sister Mary Olga Fortitude- a  series of nine books centered on religious and social satire.
 He is a retired social worker, having worked for Adult Protective Services in New York. He said it   enabled him to become a student of the human condition. While doing so, he developed the
 characters in his books in order to entertain a colleague of his using the gift of humor.  He is socially-minded and spirituality, he says is the most important ingredient for him in order to maintain a happy and successful life.  He lives in Upstate New York. For more information, visit:

Guest Post By Roxane B. Salonen

6 Apr


Keeping the highs and lows in perspective by Roxane B. Salonen

The words came at me unexpectedly from the radio waves in my minivan, striking a chord with my mother-heart.  “You’re not as bad a parent as your worst child, nor as good a parent as your best child.”

Not that we need to label our children “best” and “worst,” but I knew exactly what the radio host, a child psychologist and father of ten, was getting at. On a week I’m feeling particularly exasperated as a parent, it was a healthy reminder of the need to keep things in perspective.

I needed to recall that our children are not ours but on loan to us by our Creator. They are with us for but a time so we might both teach and learn from them; to both draw them near and release them.

The balance can be utterly elusive, but I think it’s important to increase our awareness of where we begin and others leave off. As women, our nurturing tanks are expansive. Whether we’re acting in the capacity of mother, sister or friend, the fine line exists between when we’re to assume responsibility for those around us and when it’s time to step aside, to surrender a bit of our part in things.

Earlier in my journey as a parent, I didn’t understand this. When my children messed up, I saw it as a full reflection on me and my parenting. I was devastated my children had not lived up to expectations and felt the judging eyes of my community each time they didn’t act in a perfect manner.

I realize now my perception was skewed by my misperceptions of my role as a mother and my children’s capabilities. My expectations had been too high for both of us from the beginning.

In time, I began to see that each of our kids has strengths and weaknesses, some innate and some fashioned in part by our family unit and beyond. Likewise, I realized our children’s actions were not necessarily a pure reflection of my mothering but a result of a complex set of circumstances.  Similarly, when they perform well, it’s as much inborn, God-given talent and opportunity as parenting ability. 

The recognition is clear now: I can’t take any more credit for my kids’ achievements than the failures they’ve procured. But rather than stymying me, the revelation has been freeing. Through it, I’ve been able to step back from competing for “Mom of the Year” award and accept the honor of “Just a Mom Doing the Best She Can” with contentment.

We’re not here to fashion perfect people. We’re here to love them in all of their imperfections, and hopefully, to be loved by them in ways they are capable of expressing it.

Even though I’ve learned a few things through the years in this journey, each day seems another opportunity for more lessons. Case in point: Today I had a really rough day with my teen son. By the end of it, I was ready to admit full-out defeat. And then, as I was letting the tears flow in the presence of my husband, this same child came to where we were talking to thank me for a small act I’d done for him earlier that day.

“Do you realize he just told you he loves you?” my husband said as our son walked away.

“I guess you’re right,” I finally admitted with a sniffle.

Yep. Another lesson learned. The sooner we can recognize the humanity in our children, the sooner we can recognize our own.

I believe my words related to parenting can apply to many of our roles as women, whether in our work day as we go about the business of trying to harmonize with those around us, or at home as we move through the muck and miracles of family life.

Yes, we can and should rejoice when things go right, knowing we played a part, just as we should own up to where we may have contributed to a disappointment without assuming too much blame. Or, as another wise person in my life said recently, “Don’t let the highs get too high or the lows get too low.”

It’s good to keep life and our contributions in it, for better or worse, in perspective. In this way, we free ourselves to live authentic lives.

My heartfelt thanks to Roxane for providing us with great perspectives on parenting as we continue our journey to authenticity!  Roxane blogs at

Authentic Woman Dilemma

4 Apr
Front cover of Parenting, Inc.

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Happy Monday Morning! I’m finding myself on the fence today because I’d planned on bringing you another great guest post from a well established writer, business entrepreneur, and mother. Yes, a mom who is like many of you, juggling business with raising a family. You won’t want to miss this very informative piece on parenting. Okay, now that I’ve gotten your attention? Here’s the dilemma. I had also envisioned using  this wonderful guest post as a final farewell to what has been my Authentic Woman home for three years!

Yes, I am in the final stages of moving my motivational & personal developmental blog to what I hope will become it’s final resting place. A great,  inviting & comforting place filled with valuable authentic women stories, ideas, meanderings, and a place for continued growth! Authentic-Woman.Net is in its final stages! At the end of the day or no later than  Tuesday:) So, bear with me as I await news to the site’s grand opening. Stay tuned, there’s either going to be a great parenting farewell post  here, or a welcoming post , opening  the doors to my new site!

Peace & blessings,



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